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Thursday, March 11, 2010 Unknown 4 Comments

Since I arrived in Ireland I rarely watch Euro Vision --- I can say I’m not interested in it at all. Eruo Vision is a contest program for all European singers. Most country in Europe to participate on this contest --- it’s a quite big contest if I can say.
However, since I coincidently watched the program last week, I then become interested to watch the program.
I actually have met incidentally a famous of Irish singer, and he was also a winner of Euro Vision for two times 1n 1977 (not sure about the year); Jhonny Logan, I met him in Thailand in 2005, in a famous of Irish Pub called Tropichal Murphy, which is located in Koh Samui.
An Irish friend of mine told me about him as soon as when he arrived in the pub. I soon came over and asked him to take some photos of him ---  I wanted to upload some photos of him, but I have problem with the CD. So I may upload in another time.
Now --- I have two reasons to watch the Euro Vision program. First is, I’ve met Jhonny Logan ^__^.  The second is I want to support Ireland for the winner of the Euro Vision 2010!
I support Ireland not  because I live in Ireland, well it’s another reason, but the main reason is because most of Irish singers are very talented and also they’re great in performance. I think therefore Ireland acquires as winners many times in the Euro Vision.
This year, Ireland has their best singer named Niamh. I and certainly whoever support for Ireland will be hoping Niamh can bring the name of Ireland up again in the Euro Vision. Niamh has previously wined the Euro Contest vision 2010.
Good luck Ireland!
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  1. Duh Jeng,kapan ya,aku bisa ketemu artis-artis eropa?Kok artis-artis sih,wong satu artis aja belum hehehe.Moga CDnya nggak bermasalah ya jeng...biar kita-kita ikut melihat.

  2. Hehehe, kesini atuh Sis ^__^. Artis2 sini asyik2 dan low profile ^__^

  3. an i try to sing in there?
    in here so difficult to be a stars. heheheheee....

    gak jadi penyanyi jadi penjual kebaya juga okelah jeung


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