JengSRI.Com In Association With Amprokan Blogger Bekasi 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 7 Comments

It first started from a small chat through yahoo messanger, I and Ratu --- we usually spent our saturday with chatting, sometimes during the week when I'm free, or when she's online. After quite along we were chatting Ratu talked about a plan of Bloggers Bekasi that they intended to have an event; she then asked me if  JengSRI.Com interested in becoming a sponsor for their event. 

I was thinking: "Why not?" --- a positive activity like this should be supported by bloggers, right? So I asked Ratu to send me the proposal for the event. She quickly sent me the proposal by email *a very dedicated committee indeed --- and I told her I would give the answer in three days.

However, as I had been so busy --- I forgot about my promised to her, I didn't even read the proposal -- everything was prepared by my sister in law *it was just for a formal requirement, anyway. After three days, Ratu sent me 'a text reminder', I guess. I then replied her by saying "Sorry I forget, the money will be sent soon".

The following day I sent the money to my sister in law; however, there was some difficulties  in mechanisms in Indonesia --- so another delayed to send the money. However --- everything was finally done nearly the day. 

I read  'curcol (curhat colongan)' in Ratu's blog regarding to committee's 'dutty' during the event --- I, you , and we all know, nothing is perfect to be done  in the first job --- what we only see  is how fantastic the jobs you all have done in the event. It was very impresive activity in the story of blogging networks.

Unfortunetely, I wasn't able to attend the event, I just see that the event was succeed. And I know, how difficult it was to work as commitee, particularly if you're doing it for volunteer (or were you, guys?).

Last but not least there is nothing more I can say, except the committee of Amprokan Blogger Bekasi 2010, you all have indeed given your dedication sincerely, and work brilliantly in leading blogger to be more valuable and knowledgable in blogging.

Keep work together, keep discuss every ideas that born, keep inspiring other people --- that's a team, because together we're better.

And  by this I announce that JengSRI.Com is very happy to be sponsor in Amprokan Blogger Bekasi 2010. Welldone guys!

DBLN, 23.05-200310


  1. hmm,saya juga pengin banget gabung nih jeng.Sayangnya jauh banget....

  2. thanks for being our sponsor. hope this great within-blogger-cooperation will be better in the future :)

  3. Baru tahu..., kalau ternyata Jeng Sri ada di balik layar acara Amprokan Blogger 2010 kemarin ya..?

  4. Aku juga sangat salut dg keberhasilan Blogger Bekasi dalam menggelar acara Amprokan Blogger 2010 kemarin.
    Dan senengnya, aku kebagian kaos amprokan blogger lho.. ^_~

  5. Thx for being our sponsored.. Unfortunately there's no jengsri logo :)

    Eniwei.. Dont forget to do it again next year.. :)

    Salam hangat dari Blogger bekasi...

  6. Great ... JengSri apparently there behind the scenes of this event ...


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