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Sunday, March 21, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

Malahide is located about 15 km away from my house. It's one of the famous regions in Ireland. Apart of that Malahide known as wealthy's area, one of the famous place in Malahide is called Malahide Castle. Many famous irish singers such as westlife live in the Malahide's area. 

Speaking about Westlife --- I got a little story about this; I've seen one of the Westlife's personnels Nicky accidently when I was on the way to my friend's house in  Malahide on 17 of March --- this actually my second time saw Nicky. My first time when saw Nicky was my first flight to Ireland --- he was with his wife and just 2 seats away back from me. When I saw Nicky in Malahide he was on a small shop buying a bottle of milk; a very unsual phenomena for me --- as I never seen in my entirely life how so low profile he looks like as a famous celebrity.

Though it's not really far from where we live, but I and my hubby rarely go to Malahide. The last time we went to Malahide was about 5 months ago -- after my first visited to Malahide Castle. 

Malahide Castle is a very old castle as it's been established for many decades. Malahide Castle's park sometimes used to a concert; the most interesting area when I walked along the way to the castle was the small, and a long path way to Castle --- with jungles of both sides of the paths. Though it was far enough to walk --- I felt not tired walk along away from the front gate to the the jungle, and to the castle.

The great thing of Ireland is its 'grass' --- as Ireland is so green. Most of places in Ireland are so green; even the city, the hills, the villages --- most of places look so clean, peacefull, and again SO GREEN. 

Just as other places in Ireland, I see how green Malahide; the beach looks so beautiful with tidy alignment of boats --- smallest to the biggest, everything looks organise very well, makes the place is not just interesting but also inspired.

I wish I could stay forever and die in this country --- beautiful country, very nice people --- the only thing bother me is about the weather, especially when it's winter. Perhaps my hubby's right about one thing that "therefore God creates bad weather in Ireland, otherwise Ireland would be too perfect with a great weather, and make all people want to come to Ireland."

Nothing is perfect, eh?

DBLN, 19.17-200310

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  1. hmmmm.... Ireland, sound so cozy, different here with Karratha, everything seems so red... no shade, hot, lucky you. But it not to bad as an escape when winter come... have a happy sunday...


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