The Monthly Gym Results and story With The Old Woman

Thursday, March 18, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

--- Just after comeback from the gym, I straight away go to my small office, turn on the computer, and then checking if there is any email for me. I've intended to write a post when I was in the gym ---- before an incident happened in the gym...

I haven't been to the gym so often --- I guess that because my recently flurry makes me so lazy to do an exercise, even just for a walk. Usually I was very dilligent to do exercise, but my brain is kind a switch turn on and off for doing exercise. Especially since my hubby doesn't do excercise i.e. playing football, that's make feel I have no reason to go the gym as well *stupid I know. 

Thinking of I've spent my money in the gym for nothing --- and that makes me feel guilty of myself; thus, I decided, and enforced myself that I have to go to the gym today!

Soon I arrived in the gym I asked Nico to do a measurement (I haven't been done my measurement since two months ago), I could see Nico looks so happy to my attendence in the gym again --- she knew already about my lazyness.

I was pretty happy with the measurement results as it didn't like what I was expecting; I was thinking I might get a bit more weight --- fortunetely, the result's shown I still have the same measures as two months ago. Two only things are changes in the measurement, I got a reduction in my arms, about inch --  and ascension on fat body about 2 %. Nico said "No need worry about the ascension of the fat body, it's only a small fat body". 

"WELL, I DON'T LIKE IT, NICO" I replied to her.

However, after a small chat with Nico. I soon climbed to the second floor to do my duty. Not many members attended the gym today --- and most of them were seniors (between 40 to 60 ages).

After doing 5 minutes of straightening I then started with the first machine. Just a 10 minutes after --- a senior (age between 55 to 60) said something that I did not really hear it (as the music was so load). 

"Sorry?" I asked her
"I follow you, you suppose to change every 30 seconds" She said with a dispointed face.

What?! I said to myself. Did she not see that's depend on the machine's tag? If the machine doesn't say it's done so I won't change it. AND THAT'S THE RULE.
I explained to her that I wasn't finished yet --- and I would move if it's done. But you know what?

She looked not very happy --- and walked away with a face think that I'm stupid!

Nico came over to us when she saw we looked like in a trouble of doing the machine --- I just gave an explanation to a strange stare to Nico and at that woman. "Did you put the tag twice, Sri?" Nico asked me wondering why that woman looks like so mad at me. 

A stupid question --- I assume. And I was so lazy to depend myself with an explanation that I'm sure she knew already. So, I just answered "No".

This is the problem if all citizens in a country want to be independent --- I respect that woman certainly -- after and before the incident, I do. If it happened in my country I would be happy to give my machine to her and said "Sorry..." (Though it wasn't my fault at all), but she's not a type of old person like in my country; she's and independent senior, and she knew the rules, she knew.....

DBLN, 13.08-180310


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