3 exciting things to do in summer

Tuesday, March 02, 2010 Unknown 2 Comments

I’m always excited when summer comes; I’m sure everyone is excited too. Some ideas are already put on my list. Although summer still 2 months to go, but I prefer to make a plan early to make sure everything is alright.
Here are 3 of my ideas about what to do in summer that already on my list:
1.       Gardening. I put this on first of list as I’ve been thinking to decorate my small garden since a long ago; I’ve bought some seed of my favourite flowers such as rose and jasmine.  Aside of decorating garden, I’m also thinking to buy outdoor furniture such chairs to put on the deck.  
I and my hubby have done some works in the garden such as painting the deck and furnished the deck floor. As the weather in Ireland wasn’t not really good last year, so we didn’t really do a lot of works in the garden. We hopefully this summer the weather will be great!
As our garden isn’t really big, so we look for the outdoor furniture that makes our garden doesn’t look even smaller. Therefore, size is always matter. Fortunately, some shops online provide the size information; this make us even easier to buy the outdoor furniture.
2.       Hiking. I haven’t been done this activity for quiet ages. I might be going to do this in summer for some exercise. In sunny day Dublin’s mountain will be definitely more interesting to do this activity.
3.       Travel. I did a long travel about 4 years ago; I might do a short travel or maybe just a holiday around Europe’s country. I have two countries on my list namely Spain and my home, Indonesia. Spain seems still interesting to me for a holiday destination though I had my holiday last year in Spain.
So many my family and my friends ask me when I come home. I just miss them so badly, but the ticket is quite expensive, so I said to them “we’ll see....”, but I still put it on the list and make a plan what to do if I’m in there. Well, definitely a lot of things to do.
I’m thinking to do all those activities in summer. Gardening will be my priority to do in summer as I cannot wait any longer to decorate my garden! I’ve looked up some information regarding to activities above through online and shops in city nearly where I live.  As I might need some new stuff for hiking and travel.


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