The Power Of Bookmarks

Monday, March 01, 2010 Unknown 4 Comments

I’m sure most blogger must already know about bookmarks --- and the advantage of putting your post on bookmarks.

I myself just put my post on some bookmarks just a month ago; though it’s still new I can see a slight bit incensement of my blog readers in each day.

Bookmarks such as Digg.Com, Google, Yahoo buzz, and Delicious; these are a big of bookmarks to add a post and increase your readers.  You may not get the result straight away, but your post at least comes out on the first page of Google search.

Here is the example of putting my post in to bookmarks. 

 I did a survey with my post yesterday about Bertuah’s birthday; as enough bloggers posted about Bertuah’s birthday yesterday --- so I decided to take a survey by checking the post on the Google search --- with a key word of 'Bertuah's birthday and happy birthday Bertuah'. The Google search caught my post on the first and second line (see the picture above).

This method is not the best way to increase your traffic or readers; however, it wouldspread your post to different readers.

Just doing this for a fun while blogging, learning, and even for getting income from blogging ^___^.
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  1. simple way to make top of GG result

  2. Income...??? *kapan yah dapet income dari blog...??? :D ajarin donk jeng... :)

    Lah, sama kek saya kemarin, perasaan ngelihat temen2 blogger pada posting bertuah semua ;)

  3. @Nirmala: Absolutely ^_*

    @Anaz: Beneran nih mau?

  4. cara masukin bookmarks nya teh gimana ya jeng sri? (maaf, saya awam banget masalah teknis blog.. cuman bisa nulis doang -- itu juga klo ga males.. hihihi..)


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