Psychology’s books and fiction's books

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According to Sis’ Reni’s tag I would like to separate the books that I don’t and do read. Here we go;


1.       Psychology books.

Any psychology books will do; from academics or a book story that related to psychology. The most interesting books for academic psychology books are such as;

·         Carlson NR, Physiology of behaviour (any edition – the newest is the 10th edition).  This book is about studying the human’s brain and behaviour that studied in a scientist method.

·         Matlin,  Cognition (any edition);  like other psychology books, this book also about human’s behaviour; specifically it’s about the cognitive psychology.

There also some a story of books that related to psychology I like to read such as;

·         Abandoned, which is authored by Anya Peters;

·         Another book is A child called it by Dave Pelzer --- I read most of his books. These books about depression and based on a true story.

·         Women who think too much by Dr Sussan --- good information indeed to know about women who think too much.

2.       Reading fiction books is the most interesting activity in a spare time; and I have some favourite books from my small library that you may like as well.

·         Sydney Sheldon. This book is my favourite one since I was younger till today.  I have many enough of Sheldon’s books collection; the most I like is Morning, Evening, and Night .

·         Sandra Brown. My favourite one is Switch and Envy; I never got bored from reading the two of these books most of the time ^_^.

·         Andrea Hirata.  I’ve once rejected this book (how come....). A great book indeed, doesn’t have a writer background. However, I assume he’s a talented writer. Originally from Indonesia; and has an UK graduation for Maste .  I only have one of his books; maybe I read some of his books later. Depend on how good his books as I believe that a writer doesn’t always write a great book. Thank you for your great book anyway, Andrea.

There is still a lot of collection of fiction books, but it’s not mine; they’re my hubby’s books. Unlike my hubby I rarely read different or new books; usually I only look book that I often read such as I’ve already mentioned above.


I don’t read and watch romantic books or romantic movies. That’s all ^_^.

This is a version of mine. As well as confirming a requirement from Sis’ Reni --- she’s tagged me to give some books reference. Thank you for the work Sis ^_^.  And the tag will go to Sis’ Aishah.
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  1. Jeng Sri.., aku juga suka trilogi kisahnya Dave Pelzer. Masa lalu yg traumatis tak membuatnya menjadi pribadi yg 'sakit'. Salut aku dg kekuatan mentalnya.

    Terus, gak sangka Jeng Sri suka juga dg Andrea Hirata, surprise...!!

  2. Kenapa gak suka baca buku-2 romantis Jeng..?
    Aku suka juga baca Sydney Sheldon mbak... dan aku baru mengenal karya2-nya waktu kuliah.

    BTW, thanks udah ngerjain tag-nya ya..

  3. Ada analisa psikologis tersendiri untuk yang satu ini Mbak Ren ^__^

  4. yes..yes.. ups..makin rajin aja cari pundi2 ya jenk...

  5. Pundi2 berlian ya teh ^__^

  6. Wah,selamat ya jeng.Btw,saya juga penasaran karya Andrea yang laskar pelangi,insyaallah waktu dekat dapat kiriman bukunya.

    Sebenarnya Saya udah pernah ngerjain tag ini(,terimakasih ya jeng.

  7. yang buwel pernah baca cuman karyanya andrea doang Jeng... :-(

  8. Jadi penasaran banget pengen tahu apa analisa psikologi utk penyuka cerita-2 romantis..
    Terus, apa dong analisa psikologi utk penyuka kisah-2 nyata ? hehehe

  9. Ntar dibahas kali ya mbak Ren ^__^


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