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Have you ever wondered how your dream processes? In one of the psychological works of Frued in The Interpretation of Dreams explained that our dreams derived from our thoughts; past, recent, and future thought (what you think about future) --- they appear because of what you wish. Later Frued called this that dream is a wish-fulfillment. He argued that every dreams has meanings as they can be related with our past life, recent, and the future.

Speaking of that dreams has a meaning; this is remind me of what my mom always do --- she always attempt to interpret her dreams, and the most of it, she remember her dreams clearly when she awakes. In some cases, people sometimes forget what their dreams about when they awake, however some people can remember it clearly; and my mom one of these people who always remember her dreams quite clearly --- and I just came after her.

One of my cousins was dreaming about me, she dreamed that I was standing beside a guy wearing a traditional of Gorontalo wedding dreass. She told me after a couple of months we had not met each other. She said: "You looked so sad in my dreams, I was thinking you might be not in a happy situation right now".

Just like other people in my country who most of them believe that dreams are a signal of something (Freud also mentioned about this) --- I once believed as most of when they (the people who told me about their dreams) attempted to interpret it --- they trully become dreams come true.

However, I do still believe in the interpretation of dreams --- particularly since I study Freud; they were right -- dreams are symbols to something.

My cousin beliefs about her dreams were a symbol as a warn to me (as she said) --- not to get married soon as I would not be happy with whoever the guy I married with. I felt it was hilarious to this; first I had no  a boyfriend, so certainly I wouldn't be married soon. The second, my life was in the happy life. I was fine.

The fact was I was slight a bit affectedly by her beliefs --- "that it could be right, it might be a warn not to have a relationship right now" .....

How could she dreams about me like that? What kind of thoughts made her dream about me? and the fact was also that we hadn't seen and contacted to each other for a couple of months.

Here is an analysis of my cousin's dreams;

Before she had the dreams, her grandma and her uncle wanted her marry with a guy she hadn't met in her entirely life, and by the time they asked her to get married she already had a boyfriend. She told me about this, and wasn't happy about her family decision. She wanted to tell them about her boyfriend but she's too afraid as she thought that they would not be happy with her relationship. Beside, she didn't want to hurt them with a declanation to the guy as they (grandma and uncle) had been nurtured her since her parents died.

According to this her dream about me was clear; it's a symbol of her own life. Her thoughts in her complicated situations (between her boyfriend and her family) had brought her into the dreams. The wedding dress I wore was her thought that she wanted to get married with her boyfriend, not with the guy who her family had choosen. And my sadness and cried was a symbol of her unhappy feelings with the situation that whilst.

But how could I become on her situs if that a symbol of her complicated life?

To get good result of the dreams interpretation, we need separately each of elements in the dreams. Because dreams can be the latent dreams or the manifest dreams: the dream thought (latent) that derives from our thought -- or in the other words it's called dream-thought, usually dream-thought is distorted.  And the dream manifest (content) is kind a of day dream --- often happens in children's dreams; usually the dreams are about or activities during the day. To understand furthermore between Dream Latent and Dream Manifest, we need learn about the work of the condensation (will be explained on this blog later).

Dreams can be explained psychologically by studying what beyond of each elements given to us. It's not a mystic or whatever it calls. We might not know sometimes about our dreams (dream-thought) --- however, it should be able to sought --- that there must be something related to our life --- and they appear in symbols into our dreams that perhaps we don't know at all.

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