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This is a draft post that I wanted to post about 2 months ago. I straight away remember this post when I had a conversation with a friend of mine in Indonesia. We had a conversation for almost an hour by phone; I haven’t been contacting her nearly 6 months --- therefore we talked quite a long on the phone. 

Last time I heard from her that she was going to divorce with her husband --- she found out that her husband was cheating --- even worse, he has a child with the woman he cheats with (an usual phenomena which often in Indonesia, eh?); I have nothing to say, I feel sorry for her....

To make her feel better I told her about the movie I’ve seen 2 months ago called Sliding door. I honestly wasn’t interested at all with this movie when I first time saw the movie ---- rarely watch a drama movie --- but then getting interested after a view minutes played. 

The movie is about a girl who has a boyfriend and cheated on her; and the story split in two parts: # 1 is the story about her life after she found out her boyfriend cheated on her; and # 2 is the story about her life when she doesn’t find out about his cheating.

It’s a good movie indeed --- after I watched the movie, I was thinking about some of my friends who have similar problems like in the movie; their boyfriends/husbands cheat on them. 

I’ve read interesting words somewhere that say: “your biggest enemy is someone who is with you undercover”. We think we already find a true love by marrying him --- trust him, think only him that he’s the only one we adore --- our emotions leads to only to him – only after a couple of months, or years maybe. 

Can we say that love is about ego? love is actually about desire as we think about only how satisfy our desires; desire to be loved, desired to be responded, desire to be noticed, desired to be the only he loved, and so on. Love is about always expecting something with someone we love.

Some people get along with their life after their unsuccessful relationship, even sometimes they have a successes life and with their new relationship --- but some people don’t. If you’re on thie latest situation, I just want to say “Keep going....”, Keep your life is interesting, it’s not the end of the world, and your true soul mate out there may be already waiting you ^__*.

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