Two Important Things In A Relationship

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I’m inspired to write this since last conversation on the phone with my friend in Indonesia (I posted about this yesterday on “Sliding door”; and some bloggers thought it was a post review. Did you read it properly or you just looked at the post in a whole of English writing guys? ^_^).

However, Loved by partner and loving partner is not the priority anymore to keep the relationship goes smooth. Of course love is still important in a relationship --- certainly for those who still believe in love --- and I still believe in love ^_^.

There are many things to be considered in a relationship, and I find some good knowledge about a relationship while I travelled in Asia and Europe. Regardless of the negative or positive  --- I have two important things about so-called a relationship, and here we go:

1.       Love differs to like.

We sometimes find easy to statement our feeling that we love someone. I find many phenomena in Indonesia such as someone just met once and claimed that she/he is in love --- moreover, a wedding is already planned in just a view of months.

What is different between love and like someone?

In country such as Europe people aren’t easy to say ‘I love you’; they think about love is something that a sacral thing; something so deep; something that they need to get along with in a view of years.

Like someone for them is when they think this person is a good person, or might be they see in a specific thing such as body or face. And I think it’s fair enough as it’s in a level of like.

To be in love for them need a long time to know the person; they make sure how the relationship in the like level will get along.

If you go to country such as Ireland, you may feel so nice to see a couple of seniors (around 60 ages) walk along the road hand to hand.

2.       Commitment.

A commitment is the hard thing to decide when we love someone. Why? We first need to considerate what things to do next. A serious relationship will take a deeper step such as a marriage.

And speaking about a marriage both of parties need to talk about every fields that may involve.

Remember, you’re going to spend the rest of your life with this person. Think about the whole things a thousand times. Better carefully than feel sorry ^__^.

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  1. yes I agree with your post Jeng, we need commitment and love is differs with like, because we will spend our life together with him

  2. mba pa kabar lama ga jumpa

  3. Kabar baik Jie, apa kabarnya ^__^?

  4. Yes,I agree your post jengSri.


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