What Men DON'T Like From Women

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Still in the topic about relationship, and now I like to talk about one of the great creatures of God, men. Men are the easiest creatures of God that easy to understand. Why? As they generally have simply thoughts more than women --- is there any scientists proven why men think simpler than women? 

Or perhaps women are more complicated because women have more hormones in their body to produce; yet, the hormones change the emotions of women’s thought and behaviours? There must be lots of biological explanation on this. 

Thus as men have less hormones than women, therefore they are so simple to do and think something. 

But how could women still find difficult to get along with these easy species creatures in a relationship? Shouldn’t be much easier to understand men and not to be hurt by them because of something that perhaps just a misunderstanding? And then break the relationship easily?

Let’s see my survey below what men DON’T like from women. The survey was taken from different cultures in different countries. So this result derives from general opinions of men.

1. Nag
Most men don’t like when their partner says the same or different thing most of the time. Don’t expect he listen to what you say while he’s on ‘his worlds’ such as when he watch his favourite programs, playing his favourite game, etc.

If you want to be heard by him, look for good time by saying: “can we talk for a moment?” Get his attention by saying a short sentence rather than talking something that he’s not interested in. Don’t be surprised when you keep trying talking to him and you’re not heard, or even more he may shout on you and saying “shut your mouth up!”

2. Brash
Although some men may like with kind of these women; isn’t better if we know how to manners?

At least don’t embarrass yourself because of what you say or done.

3. Given an order
He’s your partner --- not your servant. So respect shim to get back his respect. If you really need his help, say something that’s not like an order such as “Can you do me a favour?”

4. Shopaholic
I don’t think even a millionaire like to see their wife spending money for useless things. If you want to get his trust to look after both of your financial, show how good you are in saving money, or even your ability to make money.

5. Being romantic front of public
Not all men like to be romantic front of public. So make sure he’s ok when you want to be romantic with him while you both walk on the road. 

6. Dowdy
No need to be so tidy in your appearance, but at least people don’t look at you in strange stare because of what you wear.

Nobody’s perfect, and we all know it. It’s all about manner, nothing more. Before we judge and blame something to our partner, why don’t we look back at our self first?

A relationship is about learning, learning about your-self and understanding another person. The more you learn and understand, the more you get along with your relationship. That’s how a relationship should be.

Have a nice weekend.

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  1. what a terrible if my wife has all of them

  2. yub jeng,saya suka kata-kata yang terakhir.Nice tips.

  3. @Munir: Hehehehe, mengerikan ya bang

    @Aishah: Thank you sis ^__^

  4. iya ya...kenapa sih wanita sukanya belanja,, belanja dan belanja terusss.

    Shopaholic = ngeselin emang


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