What You Should Know About Gambling

Tuesday, March 23, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

Two things you might think when you heard about gambling: Whether it's going to make you poor or rich. A very view people who play gambling can become rich, in fact reversed it could squander your money; particulary gambling such as online casino gambling is easy to access nowdays. Gambling then become much easier to do from different backgrounds. So, how those very view people could make money from gambling. Well, obviously first is because they might be already  professional in gambling, and the second they're smart in the gambling strategy, and the last is a luck.

I've heard once from a friend of mine who is known as very good poker player, he said "If you want to be the winner in gambling DO NOT GAMBLE". What did he mean by this? But, it's gambling, so we should gamble, right? Right, we should gamble. Think how those very people who could win gambling -- ask them, do they really gamble?

Gambling is not just about gamble, assess 50-50 to win; you can't be a winner in gambling if you're donimnated only by your ambition to win. Neither professional players would win if they only have ambition  to win without thinking a strategy. Considering and concentrating your strategy will lead you to a logic game as the strategy is kind a of statistics,a thereby you'll  be away to gamble. Such as you do a math, you're not going to have a valid conclusion if the premises is wrong. Thus, a strategy is 80 % lead you to win.

If you see an american program where poker players gather in a hall, and they're divided into several parts, from more than hundreds poker players, only not more than 10 people left. I'm watching this program to examine the players, and I concern to players that most good players always very carefully make a decision --- and according to this my friend is right that poker or gambling is not a gamble. You have to think about it: You can't get result 2 from 1+0, you have to think it systematically and psychologically. 

This is also put into effect in if you want to gambling online. No matter what you want to play, whether it's online casino, or perhaps you're interested to go Las Vegas for gambling --- always remember, it's not just about that your playing is depending on luck! -- it's all about how good your self-restraint, what else can be winned lay from self-restraint? So not just be a good player but also be smart player!

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