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Sigmund Frued
In my previous post about The Interpretation of Dreams, I mentioned that to compare between the dream-manifest and 'latent' dream-thought we need to understand about the work of the condensantion. There are two imporant things in the dream-work namely condensantion and displacement.

Condensation is the first achievement of the dream-work --- I shall remind you again of what Frued said on his lecture of The Interpretation of Dream on the chapter V in terms of why dream is condensed, he said that "the dream is scant, paltry, laconic in comparison to the range and abundance of the dream-thought".

Let me give you an example of Freud's own dream about Botanical Monograph. Freud dreamed that he was writing a monograph on a species of plant. And he saw the book was lying front of him.

The element of Freud's dream is Botanical Monograph. On his previous days (the dream-day) he saw a monograph species on the species 'cyclamem'. He said that the book did say its spesific, but the botanical reminds him to his works on cocaine, where he had conversation with his colleague Dr Konigstein. Also, the monograph on cyclemen reminds him with his another colleague named Dr R; where the three of them, Dr K, Dr, and Frued had a conversation. The botanical reminds him to his friend's figure who said that Cyclemen was Dr R's wife favourite colour.

The whole of Freud's dream is a condensed version of the latent thoughts lying behind it because the elements that make up the dream are products condensation. Freud's significant different experiences on previous the days had been composited into one image --- the botanical (about he's conversation to Dr R and Dr K, and figure of Dr R about his favourite wife's flower).

So according to this the work of condensation has its functions followed by ;  its selection of elements occuring is seperated from its real object;its formation of new unities (collective figures, compromise figures); its production of mediating common factors. 

Thereby, the element of the condensation can have many meanings because it's representing of intersection, and therefore the dream-content turns out to be over-determined.

DBLN, 14.47-230310


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