Condesation And Displacement InThe Formation Of The Unconscious

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As it's already mentioned in the previous post that when the unconscious mind produce dreams, then it is called dream-works; when the unconsious mind produce jokes, it is called joke-works, etc. Each types of the works have different stage of elements to process the 'work'.The most of primary elements that involves in the 'work' (i.e., joke-works, dream-works, etc) are called condesation and displacement. And to understand further about the formation of the unconsious, it is important to know  the definitions of these two elements  first. 

Condesation is when many different ideas or concepts are represented within a single idea or concept. We can take an example of this from the phenomena of Freud's slip of the tongue when he intentionally unconscious mentioned Botticelli and Boltraffio instead of Signorelli, the name of the place that he once had visited along time ago. With his own experience of slip of the tongue, Freud had explain through his psycho-analysis that the slip of the tongue occured due to of the repression of something that he wanted to forget.  His wish to forget this memory repressed, and when it returned the repression distinguish and then condensed in two place's names  i.e., Botticelly and Boltraffio. He then associated the two of these names which leaded him in two names Bosnia and Trafoi.

So, what has stimulated Freud to mentioned the place's name wrong ? Here is how the formation of the unconscious mind made from, it's made of between unconsious and conscious i.e. the wish and the defense against wish, or it's called compromise formations. Freud consciously knew that he had incorrrectly mentioned the  name of Signorelli, but in the same time the idea to mentioned Botticelli and Boltraffio came out unintentionally. This due to the  associations in the name of the Signorelli that he wanted to forget.

Later Frued associated further to Bosnia and Trafoi and leaded him to  that Signorelli's word had undergone a division into two pieces; that the name of the boltraffio was alluding to Trafoi, and Botticelli was alluding to Bosnia, which all these names associated to some events in the previous of Freud's life. These associations hereafter displaced the actual name of the Signorelli.

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