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Again, the dream-work is one of the products of the formation of the unconscious process, and there are elements which process the dream-work.  And the two primary elements, condensation and displacemet will   be also taking apart in the process of the dream-work.

Keep in mind,  that all the mechanisms of the unconscious process are the same for all the formation of the unconsicious i.e. dreams, jokes, symptoms, etc; therefore the primary elements i.e condensation and displacements (and additional elements --- will be explained later on this post) will always be apart of these products of the formation of the unconscious process.

The condesation is the first achievement in the dream-work; its where different concepts or ideas in the dreams represent within a single idea/concept. The example of this can bee seen in the Freud's own dreams about Irma. The figure of Irma that Freud saw in the dream represent some people characters whom he knew in his life, such as Irma's friend, Freud's oldest daughter, and the governess. These all characters represent into a figure of Irma. The actual character of Irma itself had been displaced by these characters. This displacement of the actual character into many characters on the dream is known as the second achievement in the dream-work

'Day residue' or famously known as dream-day according to Freud constitute  of an instigator of the dreams; or the events during in the waking life that evokes the dreams. In the Irma's dream, the instigator is the conversation between Freud and Otto during the day, before Freud had that dream. Freud asked about Irma's condition, which was responded by Otto with: "She's better but not quite well". This conversation instigated in the Freud's dream and represent the figure of Irma which composite of different characters.

Symbols appear in the dream as one of the other elements to process the dream-work; through symbols the actual meanings in the dream are hidden (latent-content), therefore we sometimes forget the content in the dream-latent due to dream-latent often dominant by symbols; unlike in the dream-manifest that mostly represent the actual image or thought.

According to Freud in the free-association of the  psycho-analysis method, apart that  the dreamer's association  should not to be abandoned --- Freud also suggested that it is noteworthy for the analyst to be knowledgeable about dream-symbols.

The third achievement in the dream-work is called visualisation; the stage where the thought transform into the visual images. And the last of the achievement in the dream-work called secondary-revision where the dreams are reorganized.

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