The formation of the unconscious mind (Introduction)

Thursday, April 15, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 3 Comments

The psychic is the mind, it's the non-psychical aspects of a person; it is the seat of both conscious and unconscious  thought process. Both of these thinking processes produce physical acts in two ways namely rational and irrational. The acts are produced by a process of thinking in two ways.

The way of  the conscious thinking process is when the mind follow the laws of the conscious logic and produces rational statement and conclusion. According to Freud that most of human's acts are resulted by the unconscious mind, this due to human often repress their memory, pain, trauma, etc: all of these (i.e., memory, pain, trauma, etc), in other words it can be called by wishes, and this repression returns to distort the wishes, this distortion of the unconscious mind leads to process a condesation and displacement

Condesation and displacement are the two majors of producing the formation of the unconsious, which is the product of the unconscious process. And these two majors in the formation of the unconsious works appear in the physical acts such as in phenomena of parapraxes (i.e., slip of the tongue, forgetting the words and forgeting the name, slip of the pen, bungle actions, etc); by this the process of the unconscious results 'work', such as when the unconscious process produce dreams, they are called dream-work, and when the process of the unconscious produce jokes, they are called joke-work, etc.

The formation of the unconscious produce phenomena such as dreams, the forgetting of the words and names, slip of the tongue, neurotic symptoms and jokes, and parapraxes in general.

DBLN, 21.33-140410


  1. Learning about our unconscious mind would be very amazing
    Senang ya mba bisa belajar lebih dalam tentang psikologi ...ujung2nya kita akan takjub dengan semua keajaiban ciptaan Sang Pencipta :)

  2. Wah,Jeng,aku musti ngambil kacamata dulu ya...blereng hehehe

  3. Backgroundnya menyilaukan mbak yu....:D


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