Truth Vs Validity In An Argument

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If I ask you what the difference between Validity and Truth then you would probably describe that there is no different between the two of them; that a definition of validity has similiar to truth. However, validity and truth have different descriptions in the meaning of a critical thinking study. It is also important to distuingsh the differences between two of them to know and understanding the validity or invalidity in an argument.

In a reality we often find how argument goes messy due to uncomprehending between the parties --- and even more some people do personal attack to other persons in an argument, in which they more point out at the person's character instead of the main issue.

If you want to be a critical thinking person --- you should have an ability to understand and evaluate reasoning --- don't just give personal attack as it's already mentioned; and also ability to draw conclusions and evaluating evidence; that's how argument can work properly.

So how do we know that the argument valid or invalid?

Some people find it easy to analyse valid or invalid in argument; what you should first know is the difference between validity and truth in argument.

What is Validity?

Validity refers to the relation between the set of proporsitions that serve as the premises and the one proposition that serves as the conclusion. The argument is valid if the conclusion follows with logical necessity from the premises.

Premises is the claim in argument that provides the reason for believing a conclusion. A claim or statement in here can be either true or false. According to the premises --- your belief can change the argument. 

Premises will be followed by conclusion --- hence argument exist; there is no conclusion without premises.

What is Truth?

Truth is the attribute of a proposition that asserts what really is the case such as claim.

Will be back with further discuss about valid and invalid argument.

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