Why Do We Dream?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

A dream is a completely mysterious jigsaw, it seems like bring a message through variety of symbols, but then remain in the depth of riddles. Nothing more difficult and interesting subject to me right now except the interpretation of dreams subject. Since I'm interested to study Freud's lectures,  particularly in the lecture of the interpretation of dreams; I'm now more pay attention to my own dreams --- by putting a small note beside my bed, although I could usually remember it, but then after few days the contains of the dreams are difficult to recalled it again. In some cases some people cannot remember their dreams, but others can remember their dreams clearly. 

Why do we dream?

I remember once when I was a child my mother said that dreams appear because we don't pray before off to bed (especially when I had a bad dream); since then I try to keep in mind to pray before off to bed, but I still have dreams though I've prayed until fall asleep! 

Dream is a world creation of wish to become fullfiled; our thought, feeling, and memory during in waking life remains a repression, and this repression is known from our wishes that unfullfiled during in waking life, which is hereafter lead us to dreamed. This unfillfiled wishes can be from recent and significant, or even insignicant events in childhood life till adult life, or even in the future life.

Dreams are usually distorted; it can be appeared in odd events, or it something that doesn't make sense to you. The distortion of the dreams more often occur in adult's dreams than child's dreams. According to Freud it's called the dream-latent content (opposite of the dream- manifest); that dreams are hidden and have meanings. However, according to Freud dream can be also just as a puzzle picture. It can be something or nothing.

But how dreams can be something as well as nothing? What nothing can be? Isn't that dream a creation to the world of wishes to become real?

I will add my own dream here as example of that dream is a distortion; the dream that I had last night, but I didn't put it on my note as I can still remember how odd it was.

"We were in a pub with the classic furnitures surroundings; there were some mixed people asian and european; I was wearing a classic european dress --- the one that I usually watch on an English movie. I walked outside the pub....

Still in the same dream...
.... and I was standing outside somewhere, there was a road with loads big trees in its side --  I saw unknown guys whom characterized like my old friends in Indonesia. At cross the road not really far from us, there were some guys whom behaviourly like gangsters. They separated into two ways. When we saw they were gone, we were down to the road, and split in two groups --- I was with a guy who characterized like Yanto, my very best friend in my childhood life. And the rest were doing a photographed (in the dark with a slight bit of light from the road). On the way wanted to go back to the pub, I saw the group of the bad guys came in the same time from two ways. I and Yanto stucked in the middle, and only a jungle a high and ancient enclosure front of us. Seeing nothing there that could help us, we jumped off the enclosure and get into that very deep and dark jungle. We walked into the jungle and saw some of destroying houses --- we stayed inside one of those destroying houses. I saw through the campfire shadow the bad guys were still waiting us. Later they were coming inside the jungle, passed us,  and shouting very loud....."

At the same I frightened, I woke up with feeling pain all over my body, and on my legs especially....

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  1. i barely remember my dreams... maybe just around 10% of them, mostly the part when I about to wake up ^_^


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