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Tuesday, May 11, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 2 Comments

Here I am again, back with women's stuff. I'm kinda fancy to talk about make up right now -- nice and easy one I guess after the stressing 'jobs' on the 23th of April up to 8th of Mei. Thank God, it's over now.

I rarely checked my email while I was trying to keep my head down --- loads of  incoming emails from my 'stuff-company', and Clinique is one of them.

Have I written about Clinique stuff before? I guess I have. Clinique product is a skin of products for women and men. I've been using this product since a couple of years ago. I would say it's a great product.  And I never changed it since then.

Clinique product is suitable for women and men around 30s over --- I guess therefore I have never had problem with my skin face during using Clinique product; well, during the a couple of days of using Clinique emerged some pimples around the oil areas, T's area (forehead, nose, and chin), but then after  a couple of days the skin gradually adapated with the lotion. 

This effect sometimes occure for the first users; I think this is due to the product need to adapt with the skin first. If you first user for Clinique and you find the same phenomena as me -- you don't need to be worried about its effect. Or if you're unsure with the situation go to a Clinique consultant and ask anything you need about your skin.

The result of using Clinique usually only take a couple of days. The most product I like to use is the 3 steps. They're consist of 3 cleaning products. These 3 steps of cleaning pare off  the dead skins on your face. The 3 steps has to be used together at the same time. If you like to pair them with another Clinique product, such as you may want to use the cleanse foam with the mousturizing from the 3 steps, then you may need ask your consultant first. No fee for consultation in Clinique --- so use this advantage to ask about your skins.

DBLN, 11.52-110510

Photo source:  Clinique


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