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Studying the nature of neurons would be the most exciting subject in Psychology; you learn the human behaviour in neuroscience point of view by studying inside the nature of human being how the neurons communicate with others neurons, such as in the postsynaptic potential, what exactly transpire to neurons and what the affects of this causes with other neurons; multiplex of neurons will probably challenge your gray matter -- if you like to studying it.

However, you may be dislike this subject -- I know It is not easy subject to study, I can say it's even hard subject from some students, particularly for those who dislike subject of biologically and chemistry. Don't worry, I hated it too at the start, and it take times to like this subject; the bad thing is if you have to face it up in some years of your study course whether you like it or not.

I myself has no background at all in biologically and chemistry, well just little of experiences in a secondary school, and that's all. Accountancy was my fancy's subject when I was in a high school. So you can see there is no related subject between accountancy and psychology.

Putting your favourite philosophy "just do your best"  while studying which you think sufficiently to get good marks would not achieve anything --- believe me, particularly if  you're doing the subject  up to your final course.

Changing dislike habitat into like is a hard job, and keep trying to focus your goal is even harder than trying to understand the subject itself (my own favourite quote). 

However, I have simple tips to change this habitat, you  may like to put on your note:

-Buy one or more of required books. Depending the hand out will  give you only little knowledge and difficulty to understand the subject. I know it costs some money, but think about how much knowledge you will gain, and the most of it is your deep comprehension.

-Join the forum. If your purchase includes a kit package that provides a forum or anything related to the subject, don't hesitate to registrate to be a member; explores any information on the site that provided by the book author.

-Internet surfing. Internet surfing is one of the best idea to inquiringly; get any related information that you need, contrast them with one to another, but heads up with the information you get from the internet make you sure the article is from the trust site i.e. provides academic study research. By reading the related articles with different perspective through the internet surfing you have redone the subject. 

-Writing an  essay. Not very good at  essay? don't be worried. Practise is the best learning. Write anything you like, and try to write a paragraph of the subject with your own words.

Do you believe that intellectualisms derive from innate or consanguinity? Well, I don't.  Iet me share  what Bandura's said on his social learning theory: "What you see is what you learn" ---  see nothing learn nothing.

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