Is Free Web Hosting Good?

Sunday, May 30, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Most bloggers or online writers would assume that a free hosting is a great thing for them, simply because it's free. The free hosting even becomes an oppurtinity for those who likely to practise their writing. Many new writers of books such as Indonesian writers begin their writing from free  web hosting such as Blogspot and wordpress. Even some people use free hosting for doing their online business. So what reason for us to pay a web hosting for our website if there a free hosting provides great features, particulary if we can make money from that?

Every free web hosting must have surplus or blindspot in each of their features. I did a short survey about free hosting before I begin to discuss about this, and I found out quite surprising on my surfing at web hosting reviews website about free hosting comparisons, which was written by a web master: The fact that Blogspot has great features, they apparently  does not have a password protection! I'm uncertain about the relation to free hosting on blogspot to a password protection as I'm not an expert on this field; however, I'm more interested to read it as recently many unpleasant incidents on blogger atmospheres as to some blogs have been issued hacked. We certainly know speaking about hacking must be related to password cracking, and nothing more make us worry except about the safety of our sites.

I myself has changed the domain of JengSRI.Com since the past of nearly two years. I began  to upgrade with no knowledge at all, even no idea why do I need to own a domain as at the very beginning I didn't rawness at all about making money while blogging, but then after quite a while I see another advantage from blogging. I got great incomes of blogging while learning about website. However, I might need a web hosting for the sake of my site, and especially for its security.

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