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Sunday, May 16, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

That was the first time I visited the hotel, which known as one of the best international hotels in Jakarta. I chose it as I was thinking the hotel nearby a shopping centre: what else women can  think while they on their holiday, anyway? Shopping would be on the first list of every woman's busyworks; as well as shopping in Jakarta is much cheaper than in Europe therefore I always take the advantage while holiday in Indonesia.

Without booked the hotel first, I bound to the hotel by a taxi and arrived at 10.30 p.m. I queued just behind an Indonesian woman who behaved just as a nouveau riche: Looking at me in a naff-stared, perhaps wondering why was I doing in there? (as I appeared unglamourous just as her); talking on the phone likes nobody there. The good thing was she got a look just as a model: white skins with brown hair, and appeared in a modernistic style. However, her grotesquely apparantly could not cover up how naff she was. That's enough about her.

As soon as she left the receptinonist I approached the receptionist asking for a room. He was a good looking guy, white skins (most asians are crazy for being white!), and with a perfect teeth were enough to make him become a coverboy instead of a receptionist.

"We're full tonight (without said sorry)": he responded me ephemeral and back his head down to the paperwork on the receptionist desk. If I wasn't very tired I would leave the hotel as soon as possible. But it nearly 11 p.m, I wouldn't dare to seek a hotel, especially in a crazy city like Jakarta.

"What about suit rooms?" I asked him once more. He looked at me awhile and responded indifferent: "There is, but it's expensive"

Good lord. If my appearance didn't convice him that I could effort the bill then I need to give him a lesson!  (doh!)Without asking how much the price for the suit room I agreed to take the suit room. And what happened next? His posture altered well-disposed.

Here I am, in a country where appearance (colour skins and what you wear) is crucial in a role life;  where the societies have been piteously trapped in an image to be 'bigwig' is shown by what you wear. Fair enough  of points, I assume, as no one would appraise you as bigwig if you appear in an underperform. But the interpretation of being bigwig in Indonesia at times is just too much for me. And I won't write down here all my experiences with some people whom pretentious, and nothing more but petty-minded to view their surroundings.

Maybe I was wrong by wearing only a jeans and t-shirt while in an international hotel; I should have wear a dress, put the make up on, wearing high-heels instead: just as the naff girl's appearance earlier; and maybe I was wrong, too of  being arrogant to give him an unimportant lesson by booking the suit room.

Or, perhaps, embraces a philosophy of  "It's nice to be important. But it's important to be nice" is inoperative in a country such as Indonesia. I'd better remember that next time.

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