"A Typical Woman...."

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"A typical woman..." the words came out of his mouth as a checkmate signs to no more debate. I simpered at him enjoying the self-satisfied towards his lack to continue the debate. It's not the first time I heard a man say that words; well, not in Indonesia particularly. The words audible more often in Europe or other English-speaking country where according to Asian women whom fortuitiously I know, and from other dispatchs saying that asian women regard that foreign men have better understanding to women's beings (ouch!): I need do a survey to substantiation this tidings.

But honestly, I'm not fully agree to read a newspaper couches  according to Indonesian  women who living abroad stated that foreign men have better understanding to women's beings than Indonesian men. I would say: This ain't true.  Indeed petty-minded statement.

Anyway, that ain't my main topic today. I have something else to discuss about, and still related to women's issue as I'm kinda having curiosity with the implication of  'typicals women' word, the word that I often hear from foreign men:  And I repute it as bilious to women's negativity e.g. nagging, fussy, self-critical, and other perceptions towards women. Yet, I'd like to add a quote in here, an English magazine article couches that "women are unhappy in their lives".

These overwhelming sense make me to look around to my own life, and contrast them with my other girlfriends'; and I need to be honest with the finding that most women posses unresolved demands in their lives.

Wait a minute, ain't that a nature of human beings, always willing to attain their goals? I heard what you said. However, women's desire are more than just attaining their goals (you may disagree with this!) --- and I support this with a psychological reason of self-defence (see!) that desire is what makes our life go through: Ain't a general answer to response why we never satisfied in our lives?

The overwhelming sense  towards women righteously a mirror to honestly questioned  ourselves: "Am I really unhappy woman?" or "Why am I unhappy in my life?" ---  that is a billion dollar question.  We probably wouldn't dare to ensure ourselves that "I am a happy woman", or neither willing to say "I'm not happy"; when this ambivalence still unresolved a fairy tale life has been created as attest of a  happiness i.e. attempted to create a happy life,  and of course not a real happiness, but a fake one, up to the last and pinpoint its marrow.
We need a word. An honest word so-called a "happiness".

Women. The most question men ask (and perhaps us too!) about women: Why women always arduouness struggling for their appease? Reasonable or unreasonable anything about women should be something very complicated and unresolved.  Yet, we need  to see from different perspective as well as I believe that cultural impacts could effect a person to behave and think differently.

Are these enough to point that women aren't happy in their lives? You tell me.

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