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Wednesday, July 07, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I find an interesting a site called Blue Sky Scrub. The site contains of  fashion. But don't think about usual fashion that we usually see on entertainment such as on Tv or magazines. For me, it's a very unique and unsual fashion, and first time ever in my life seeing this kind of fashion. I thought it was something about spa when I open the Blue Sky Scrub's site, but then I realise it wasn't. Even more interesting after surfing its site.

Blue Sky Scrub is a site especially provide medical uniforms such as for doctor and nurse. Think about medical uniforms bring us to think about two main usual of medical colours: Blue and White. However, here is the unique of Blue Sky Scrub: they change medical uniforms more fashionable such as in nursing uniforms, lab coat, etc.

So do you think to be a nurse or a doctor can't be fashion in an uniform? I often think about fellow who working at medical fields: Their uniforms seem slightly boring to me, how could they wear those flat colours for 9 hours, and 5 days or maybe more? and the colours are either blue or white, and no more colour on it. Perhaps this is what makes fellow who work at medical fields in some country not really good at their job as they think their job is boring. Don't you think what you wear -- includes the colours of your uniforms -- can affect your emotional? I believe colour has a power in a mental activity, even in animal!

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