Bumbu Desa Cikini Raya --- A Great "Kopdar" With Ratu De Blog

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"Bumbu Desa" is known as a sunda restaurant style, which is located in the centre of Jakarta nearby Merdeka street. That was the first time I visited Bumbu Desa, in purpose seeing a friend of mine. Ratu, a very familiar blogger from Bekasi who's known as "Ratu Kopdar" as she often meet a new friend --- and I would say how lucky I am for being her friend.

Early morning I sent her a text said  that I want to meet her at a restaurant somewhere close to where she lives ---- a traditional Indonesian restaurant. Very quickly she replied my text and said: "Bumbu Desa!". The sound of the restaurant's name was very interesting to me so we agreed to see there at 7 o'clock pm.

After a long meeting with my family in the morning I cameback to hotel quickly. The times didn't seem good as I arrived in the hotel almost at 7 o'clock; so I sent Ratu a text by asking her to give me time a little more to take a rest. After resting for approxiamate an half hour I took a taxi towards Cikini Raya.  

The Blue Bird's driver drove me smoothly and safely until front of Bumbu Desa. When I get off the taxi, a girl with a hijjab was looking at me with a staring guessed. With a smiley face she admonish in unsure voice: "You're JengSri, aren't you?". I looked at her and replied: "And you're Ratu?". Within a second we're just like an old friend, hugged and kissed each other, laughing at each other, no clumsy ---- and commenting to each other characters --- straight away!

As I was already starving I spontaneously asked her to forbear the 'reunion' for dinner first. With inexperienced attitudes, we both confused how to get start it as the restaurant seemed like a buffe restaurant style --- this situation made us laugh even louder.

Both of us couldn't wait any longer to take the food straight away, but wait a minute -- we're not allowed to take the foods by our selves; a waitress was laready standing there to service the customer, we then just choose the food and back to the table, and then waited for another minutes. The reunion continued again while waiting the food comes. 

The dinner finished until the restaurant nearly closed. But we got a problem. I didn't have enough cash to pay the bill! Neither Ratu's money was enough to pay the bill! Without asking the waitress to credit card payment, I was straight away left the restaurant looking for ATM. But the empty ATM machines near the restaurant became another problem!

Stupidly, the bill can be paid by a credit card! 

"Why did you not tell me, Ratu?" Asked me with a "jengkel" face and tunes.
"Why did you not ask me?" Ratu replied me with innocently face and tunes.

We laughed at each other.

One thing we've forgotton, takes a picture of us! Well, that because we were too busy talking!

A great "Kopdar". A great dinner. And a great friend. Thank you Ratu!

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