Beware , They're Fake Homeless!

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

"Don't give your money to them, they're fake!" She warned me in a convince expression on her face and with a bit persuade tunes on her voice. The fact is she's not the first person told me not to give money to any homeless, and anywhere place I go. Well, isn't that a bit a 'punishment' of campaign for homeless?, particularly only to give a penny of yours to some unlucky people on the road?

But I gotta tell you the truth that this 'punishment' of champaign is legally supported by some local goverment regions in Indonesia. "Don't spend your money to them -- Give it to a legal charity" says an ads tense on a big board hang on along of the main road with a picture of homeless. A question in my mind when I read that big ads, and perhaps, you might ask this question too: "What kinds of legal charity they aim to?"

Because I never known regarding a legal charity in Indonesia, or maybe I'm the only one who  misinformation about this. Or, should I share my story regarding a charity where I worked with a couple of years ago? Maybe I should ...

I was working in a charity which the owner possess a title 'Hajjah' *when a woman goes to Mekkah to do the fifth of the pillar of the Islam, she'll be titled a 'Hajjah'* The charity had registered legally at local goverment --- the registration number was mentioned on the board of the front of charity office, to ensure people that the charity wasn't fake. Everything regarding the charity intitution was proceed due procedure. From the very beginning, I was already uncomfortable with the situation i.e. the building shared with where her big family lived. Yet, her sons in law were unemployeed; and together with her husband she ran the charity. And from some surrounded people told me that the owner didn't really help slummer.

However I kept working with them until 1 month as that was my experience as fresh graduate. And then I decided to resign when I found that they make a charity to make money for themselves. 

I know we can't take them all in the same level as a bad one, but tell me the truth what's not difficult to posses and make something in Indonesia? even for something that legally? And yet, how about the rumours about making business between the charity and the local goverment?

Anyway, back to the point...

Its just simply situation: they're homeless, no home, no food, no money --- and I just want to give my Rp 5,000 to them --- Do you think I should give my Rp 5,000 to charity first, and then waiting the charity to give to them? Is that the right way to do?

OR, I heard what you said: " They have a boss, group, or rich, or bla, bla....."

When a 9-year-old begged her hands with innocently gaze at me, her long-unwashed- and untidy hair, smelly, and skinny body asked me money while I sat with two friends of mine in a Lesehan Yogya, and surrounded by loads of nice foods. 

Should I ignore her by telling her: "Listen, I'm a good citizen, I want you to ask money to a charity where my money give with" -----  ???? --- Or "Listen, I don't trust you. You must have a boss" ---- ???? ----

I think we need grow up soon before this earth ends up by too many greedy people.....

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