How To Make Your Children Love Math

Thursday, August 12, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

The answer is easy: by LEARNING it. The problem is learning math is a tough job, particularly for those who dislike math. Even many parents attempt to put their children in a class math in their very early age to ensure their children would like, or know how to solve this very difficult subject, such as Algebra and Adding Fraction are the most tough lesson in math subjects. So how could we make them like these subjects?

Introduce The Math Subject With FUN

Putting our children in their early age in a special class math is a good way for them to know about math. However, make sure the money you spend is usefully for your aims. A class math can be very boring for your little child. To avoid your money is spent useless, thus, ensure they're in the right class, and the child is happy enough to do the subject. 

Different ages would have different handling. I put  my 10-year-old son in a class math since his 9th. Its called in Bahasa "JariMatika" --- this method is using with only their 10 fingers, and count he numbers as quickly as he can" --- he's enjoying while doing his homework, and he never ask me to solve his homework math. The method really works, he always get marks between 80 % - 100 %.

Introducing something to our child in early age could be a great idea for them, but remember it could also be a stressing activity for them if we give them wrong direction; even leaves a trauma feeling.

Online Class Math

This is usually used for teens, or can be for adult like me and you. Online class math now becomes favourite for those who likes to learn math in their own time and their own place. A package of math programs usually provided in online class math, such as Tutor Vista, they provide an online class math. Depending what class you would like to join with, Tutor Vista owes a variety of math subjects.

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