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Nothing really interesting on the first day we were in Pontianak, weather was too hot, yet we were in the middle of city centre; this wasn't we looked for. We then decided to go to a travel agent straight away to ensure we didn't waste time.  An equipment of guide book from Lonely Planet is very much handy for travellers; I can say guide book is the must-thing to have for travellers. Although sometimes not 100 % are exactly the same as on the guide book, but at least you're not in the middle nowhere to go.

There were not many travel agents mention on the guide book. We found it quite strange at the start when we checked that most of the travel agents in Pontianak didn't do a package of trekking in Borneo. Instead, they offer for abroad holiday. Don't be too surprise if you find them aren't quite friendly: they answer your question in unenthusiastic expression and voice. Well, we found some of quite friendly travel agents as well.  Most people we met in Pontianak don't show their 'friendly' expression to stranger: they just look at you with no expression at all, some say hello in an English practise way to my hubby. Stay nice with them and don't make trouble, then you'll be fine.

There were some nice seafood restaurants as well along the Hijjas road. I love culinary during travel, my hubby assumes that it's the only most thing I like to travel. So I won't miss any traditional food from the place I visit. We had a nice dinner in a homely seafood restaurant nearby the hotel. This we've missed in Europe, in Indonesia you can get luxury foods in homely restaurant and cost you little. A lots of nice things with good price you can get from your holiday in Indonesia; the most of it is the weather and the beach: two things you die for in your holiday. No wondering when my European friends asking: "what are you doing in here, in the cool weather, wet, and no sun at all?" Well, maybe I'm just lost in here...

We were planning to do a trekking and see orang utan, however the price that offered by a travel agent was just too much for us. We then pending the plan to ensure we didn't make decision too quick. We decided to go Singkawang instead on the following day. The price to Singkawang cost about Rp 75,000 by a private car. If you take a bus from terminal it just cost Rp 20,000. If you want to avoid too many hassles on your trips, better then to take the performer cost. Ask the receptionist where you stay to book the ticket to Singkawang; to get the seat then ensure that you book the trip the day before it.

The trip to Singkawang took approximately three hours and a half. There were about four passengers in the car when we got in the car. The jeep was quite nice, but not really sure about the driver: he seemed too young to drive along the way to Singkawang; yet, he looked very tired already.  A welcome curious question came from one of the passengers who sat beside the driver: the man was asking with a bit impolite 'attitude' as to who was my hubby to me which my hubby responded him with dislike expression. I preferred to ignore him while my hubby liked to discuss it; the views outside the car changed the subject after view minutes debate.

The first hour of our trips exceed few of great sites such as the river Kapuas which best known as the longest river in Indonesia, and located not far from the city, just view minutes from the town actually; Passing the equator monument just from the window's car wasn't really bad either; the equator monument is also mentioned on the guide book as one of the recommended place to visit in Pontianak. So don't miss this place! It just takes no more than half hour from the town to the monument by 'angkot'.

After an hour on the trip to Singkawang
I fell asleep like a baby: I'm very easy to fall asleep on the trip, and this sometimes makes my hubby jealous as this the most tough-do for him, especially when on the plane; he would take sleeping pills if necessary.  
The place that we wanted to stay was not easy to reach.  I can say it even almost isolated from clamour.  We thought we couldn't find the place as we had been passing the village where the local people live.  But the driver had been helpfully and patiently to find the place, also the passengers. We were helped by a cute of local girl who knew where the place was. The girl pointed the place to a hill; we became more curious as we didn't see any existence up there.

We wondered if we were lost...

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Note: A correction on the previous post of Discover Borneo I which the departure date to Pontianak should be on 19th August 2010.

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