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After about 15 minutes walking on the unconstructed road, we were finally arrived on the top of a hill, and --- There was nothing we could say except an amazed expression of the panorama at front of us. The colour of the sea has the same colour as its sky, the beach featured by with a lot of types rocks, palm and coconut trees; there was also a small of island acrosss the beach. It was just abolutely a "Wow"! panorama --- for a second, we just stood amazed by a landscape of God's creature. All the tireness and 4 hours of our trips had been paid with this amazing landscape. We continued to walk down through the hill until eventually we saw two spartan cottages..

Kura-Kura beach is absolutely one of the amazing beaches in the world. It's exactly located at the end of the where local people live, it likes what on the guide book said that the place isolated, solitary, but believe me you'll be gratefull to the guide book to put this place on the book. Don't be expecting too much to get a modern cottage as "you're not exactly paying Rp 350,000 pp for the cottage, but for the beach" Charlie, the owner of Kura-Kura cottage said. They have two cottages and made from woods with a western bathroom. You would notice all these things as the view three meters front of the cottage could blow your mind away. The price has included the foods --- breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Be prapare with a mosquito net and spray mosquito: these are very special stuff that you have to bring while you travel in Indonesia.The beach is safe for swimming, but if you are not an experience swimmer then better ask local people or just the owner of the cottage either if safe or not. 

There are also some good places to visit around Singkawang such as Rindu Alam which to me it looks like Puncak Pass in Bogor. Another interesting thing from Singkawang is a Rafflesia --- a flower is famoust with its stinky smells. If you are interested in seeing Rafflesia or about going around to Singkawang then ask Widi; Widi is the person who looks asfter the cottage. We were introuded to a guy who was journalist and who was also as our guide. According to Rio there are different types of Raffleasia. "The original one of Rafflesia will be blomming in September" He said. Unfortunately, we were coming in August and so unlucky as the other type of Rafflesia was already dead when we were there. The Rafflesia is located on the mountaintop so a fit condition is really needed if you don't want to get a bad experience as me --- I fainted just after 20 minutes hiking. It takes two hours from Kura-Kura beah to the moutain (I can't remember the name of the mountain). If you take a motorbike to go there then make sure you have your jacket with you.

Two days in Singkawang wasn't enough to visit all the great places. But we had to continue travel, and next was planning to accross Borneo...

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