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That was my first trip to Borneo, or we called it in Bahasa as Kalimantan island. What I got from information through the internet Kalimantan is the second of the largest forest of islands in the world; however other sayings it's the third. I tell you the truth, though myself is originally from Indonesia, I don't know about Indonesia very well: ask other Indonesians too about how well they know about other of islands in Indonesia? I don't mean to excuse myself --- but the truth is Indonesia is a huge country with many languages, ethnics, and yet with its thousand of islands; and now in my 33's -- born and grew in Indonesia, I can say that I only have a little of knowledge about my own country. Now, it times to explore Indonesia and the world!

Together with my huby, we flew to Borneo from Soekarno Hatta Airport on the 19th of September 2010 directly to Pontianak, which is located in west Borneo, and known as one of biggest city in Borneo. Our trips to Borneo was unplanned; just after the second days of my hubby arrival in Indonesia, we straight away booked the tickets to Borneo. Well, we had a little plan about going to Borneo the days before, but we weren't sure about our plans yet. Anyway, I prefer unplanned travel than anything is booked. I know it isn't really good idea to go somewhere without knowing where to go --- even a bad idea if you go with your children or family. Of course what I mean is if you go on your own or with your patner. Just try it out, an unplanned travel give you an exclusive experience on your trips!

It took approximate an hour and a half  flight from Jakarta to Pontianak. Still afternoon by the time we arrived in Pontianak airport. One thing I can remember when we got off of the plane is a welcome message that reminds me of 'IPA' lessons when I was in elementary school. 


It's been very,very long time --- too long, I think since at elementary school, maybe? that I haven't read or heard that words. When I read it I felt like jumped into a moment in many years ago. Just view minutes got off of the plane, Borneo affordable affecting its amazing place into my feelings.

As soon as we collected our baggages, we booked a taxi in the airport. All the taxi prices are listed at the front of the locket; the list of the prices provide kilometers information. They don't do meters -- the price will depend on the distance, and it cost Rp 70,000 from Pontianak airport to town by distance approximate 20 km. The taxi drivers in Pontianak were also quite friendly. We got a nice and friendly taxi driver who was originally from Kupang, and according to him he's been living in Pontianak for the past 20 years. Chatting with a stranger like an old friend is an usual thing in Indonesia; nothing to be worried at all. Not when you meet a person like the taxi driver from Kupang, particularly. He really enjoyed to call me "kawan" in most of our conversation during the trip.

He dropped us to a home stay called Mes located on the city centre. You must go inside to like this home stay as it didn't look very nice from the out side; however, it's a home stay with nice furnitures inside as well as well-services. If you go with your hubby/wife then make sure you bring a copy of your certificate marriage with you during travel in Indonesia --- I guess this works only for Indonesian, and mix marriage Indonesian and foreign. Some hotels in Indonesia are very strick asking status marriage to a couple, particulary a young couple. "Are you married?" the receptionist asked. Luckily, we were ready for unexpecting thing like this. Strange and very strict, my hubby thought; but this is Indonesia honey!

Although Borneo island surrounded by loads of jungles and rivers, also heavy rainning, but they can't relieve the hot temperature that might burn your skin! I can say it's even hotter than Jakarta. My hubby got his first burn in Pontianak, and while weather was cloudy and no sun at all!

Can he survive with the Indonesian weather?

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