Helping children to cotton in Math subject --- How to do it?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Mostly students assume that there is no more difficult in subjects at school than math. Math subject is always challenging to everyone, particularly for those who still at school. Now days, many parents attempt to Introduce  math subject to their children on their infant age. In the playgroup school, for intance; teacher would begin to introduce math subject with numbers. Following on the next level in the elementary school, they begin to solve the basic of math problem, such as how to sum up, subtract, multiply, and divide them. Although it's just an introduction of basic math, but this simple method somehow could become a frustration subject for some children. A one of my son's friend for instance, they are sitting at grade 5 now. They both go to extra class math after the class, which I think my son doesn't really need it as he is very good already at math subject. However, a friend of my son is still not able to solve for his homework, even worst --- he dislike math. 

Many parents might consider that school is responsible as a math problem solver of their children's inability in math subject while they themselves rusty of their responsibility to encourage their children to cotton math. Perhaps my son's friend doesn't mean to dislike math at all, and not because he's not a brainny boy; he's good enough at other subjetcs. Sometimes an encouragement is indeed needed for children confidence; this might not a particular reason to this case, but a positive of encouragement attitude can build the confidennt to them that they can do it. We might merely have a little time with our children, or maybe we can't be their best person to ask for a math homework help; but we have many ways to be enourage parents even it just a message or call; and there is eternally become our responsible for every child inability.

Never give up to help your child. If you're not confident to help your child in math subject, or maybe because of limited time, then try to look on the internet for information as alternative; they provide for class math, and sometimes free math help as well.
The message from what I'm writing here is, to give our best knowledge to our child about math subject, even though perhaps we're not really good at this subject. But as long they know we deeply care about their inability then it will be the best gift for them.

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