If The Time Goes Forward

Sunday, October 31, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Remember with series program of the Quantum Leap movie, about the machine time?  My favourite scene was when Dr Sam Beckett was taking the place of other person, and he had to decide whether changing its person behaviour from wrong to right, or make it worst. 

I was imagining, what would I do if I was given a chance to heretofore? Obviously, I want to be better person.  Unfortunately, only Dr Sam Beckett could do that. 

There is other movie as well that has been inspired me as to moral of the human beings. Have you seen The 12.12.08 Is The Day The Earth Stood Still? Made in 2008, Played by a handsome actor, Keanu Reeves, and a stunning actress, Jeniffer Connolly. And I tell you the truth; I saw this movie just a week ago. 

Two scenes have knocked my heart on this movie: first scene was when Keanu presaged Jennifer that alien soon would take control the earth as according to information from other aliens that there hadn’t been changed in human’s behaviours  ( I was interpreting it as that human beings have never learnt). 

As soon as she heard that shock news, she claimed and begged him: “Give us a chance, we can change!” 

Second scene was on the last moment when Keanu attempted to stop the chaos, and gave the human beings a chance by saying that: “human beings would only change on precipice”.

Other movies such as The Happening and The Day After Tomorrow have also similar background and purpose in presaging this is what going to happen if human beings irresponsive with their place, earth.

The Yahoo headlines news yesterday was telling about how we can react to the impact threat, in responding of Asteroid impact warning to the world. Do human beings can only change on precipice, just like what Keanu has said on his movie?

Last night on October 30th at 24.00 a.m., time goes forward in Ireland. I wish I could change, anything, from wrong to right, just like what Dr Sam Beckett did, before it’s late...

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