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Friday, October 29, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Life had been so good for the past 15 years, and we thought it would be forever. The offers when life was so good very tempting, we cradled in the swinging of luxuriousness life, and we just forgot what happened in the past life, when life was so bad, when people died from hunger, when no sufficient welfare for children and women, life was just so terrified and horrible.

We thought that we did learn from the past, because we were too proud of what we got, as we thought it was immortal, didn't we? Unfortunately, we learnt nothing. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Above is a thought  scene of mine towards what has been going on in Ireland.

I have never feel so irritated by news or other things; in fact, enjoying to wacth it with a cup of tea and muffin beside my hubby. I guess not now anymore. Why do you want to hear something that always the same, anyway? "Change it to another program, please" is my response when he'd like to watch the news.

I'm not Irish. My thought above was coming automatically, feeling the same way as what Irish people have felt about the situation as it all impacts to everyone whom live in Ireland. 
I'm not Irish, and I do care about what's going on in Ireland. But I have nothing to help you as I need a help myself.

They say we need to be together in this situation. I say: Why? "because together we're better". It's indeed a powerfull of words to hear in this horrible situation, good words to be mentioned from officeholders.

But we don't need words. Why should we bear the bad things while we've been good at paying taxes?

It's not healing on my body or my mind, neither my heart: maybe not yet. Before this happen, I and you need to learn....

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