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Saturday, October 30, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

Talking about Indonesia is constituting a heavy topic as there are involving too many conflict of cases e.g. politic and religion. Luckily, I'm not in the mood to talk about two those things. 

Let's talk about comparison between good and bad about Indonesia, and here are my findings:

1. People

Too good: Go to wherever places you like to go in Indonesia, most of Indonesians will welcome you with warmth smiles. You'll be grateful how lucky you are to be parts of this very fascinating social life.

Too bad: Do not ask them to obey the law. In driving particularly. If you really in emergency and need a driver, you'd better ask about his driving experience before your life ends on the road.

 2. Foods

Too good: Find anything vegetables in Indonesia. Most all healthy foods grow in here. You'd be in love so much with yourself as you don't need a hard diet program to lose your weight.

Too bad: There are no specific laws for selling foods. I mean most everyone in Indonesia  is allowed to sell foods or vegetables without a HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certificate needed. Beware of this!

3. Shopping

Too good: They're very cheap. Obviously, because Indonesia has so many manufactures. Buy whatever you want except the original of European brands e.g. LV, Gucci, Prada, etc . From diamond to handmade, you will be surprised finding how little money you've spent.

Too bad:  Unlike in western country which customers mostly welcomed by equal attitude from staff. If you wish to shop in a luxury shop such as Plaza Indonesia, assure you are in a good performance.

Other thing is too many staffs in a shopping mall. Don't be confused between staff and customer.

4. Friendship, Love, and Marriage

Too good: They are very warmth people. You're lukcy to have them as your bestfriend, as somebody who you love. Life with good friendship and love,  you find a scene of Bollywood movie on this stage.

Youngs, adults, and senior people, are very good at describing that marriage is a good thing. You don't need a counsellor to know about what marriage is. Just discuss it with a 23 year old young girl.

Too bad: Make friends, being in love with someone, and account it very quick into a marriage, are the most uneasy things to do Indonesia. 

Did I say about  divorce? Yeah, therefore, perhaps, because of these things are too easy, Indonesia is listed on one of the highest ranks in divorce cases.

* * *

Things in life sometime happens unexpectedly and so suddenly. If my mother would say: It's a destiniy of God. 

Believe that what has happened is God's destiny might help us to be more stable standing for the future. But there is one question seems very amusing: Does God want bad things happen to what He has created?

Keep its answer for yourself as I don't invite you here to argue about believers or non believers. 

Through my blog I'd like to give my deep condolence for the victims of volcano, earthquakes, and tsunami in Indonesia. May strength give them a power to have a new life.

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