Unspoken Words

Friday, October 29, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Some people say writing is great to express our feelings while words abandoned by repression of something that makes the words unspoken and suffer in silence. It is great feeling to be able to express our feelings freely, and not to worry about seeing other people reaction of what we say. 

But, hold on. I always concern about what reader would react to my writing. Perhaps therefore what makes me recently stuck to write on my blog although the ideas already on my head (tempting to write about psychoanalysis subject, but then goes in to a draft and after 200 words have been typed, just like other posts that ended into a draft), as I always consider about reader responses.

Unlike good writer whom able to structure their writing perfectly: -they generally able to describe their aims, the methods that they use, the conclusion, and able to critizise the issue on their writing- mine is just  too far from that. 

This post is just a beginning of my recent lost words. Hopefully this post would deprive my unknown nerves of writing.

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