The Analysis Of The Little Hans's Phobia And Anxiety

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As It's written on the previous posting that Little Hans had suffered his erotic longings for his mother; this was occured from since Hans aged 3 (began with his fascination with widdler). It was phallic stage coined by Frued. Freud believed in this stage the psychosexual problem in child arouse to be more complexed than two other stages i.e. Oral and Anal.

The problem became more complex as Freud theorized that the relationship between the child and the mother, the mother and the father, the child and the father, led to so-called by Oedipal complex, is the desire to posses the mother and get rid of the father. And Hans case is seem to support this theory.

Freud  Little Hans
While Hans tried to understand the whole things about widdler, yet his sister Hanna was born. He entirely refered everything  he saw and thought merely related to either widdler or storks; which apparently led Hans to frustrated which later on aroused Oedipal complex as well as phobia and anxiety.

The phobia all first began when Hans seemed to fear everytime  he saw and thought about horse. He thought that horse would bite and come to his room.

He refused to go out; when he walked out he suddenly frightened and wanted to be coaxed by his mom.

In the same time, he suffered anxiety, thought his mom left him, and for being lonely because his mom leaving. 

This anxiety of Hans derived from his dream, which Freud coined Hans's dream as Anxiety dream.

Both Freud and Hans's father refered Hans phobia of horse with widdler. Hans thought about widdler quite often and related everything he saw was about widdler. His efforts to understand about widdler  was unful

Appart of Hans attempted to seduce his mother i.e. telling her to put her finger on his penis and his mom replied: "because it's not in purposed" ..... "It would be pigish"; Hanna's birth apparently was another cause for his frustation of oedipal and castration complex.

The thought of the horse would bite him can be interpreted as he was thinking a big penis on the horse (he  had mentioned on a conversation with his mom about horse).However, the horse can be interepreted as well as his dad (the moustache and the hair).

However, we must not forget about that Hans parents also one of the key roles of Hans's phobia and anxiety. 

Firstly is, one occassion when Hans attempted to seduce his mother, the reaction of her might had led Hans  to think that his mom was shy to touch it (This is what might evoked Hans lead  to a phantasy for wanting girls to touch his penis) so henceforth remain unfulfiled wishes.

Secondly, his mom had warned him not to touch his penis again otherwise the doctor would cut it off. This was also led to Hans to anxiety, fear about losing his penis (he also thought that his mom's had been cut off --  Freud coined this as castration complex).

Thirdly, he's closer to his mother than his father in the family relationship as his father away often (and I consider therefore Hans wish his dad was dead); he loved so much being only with his mom, and not with his mother. Everything that his mother did to him brought special pleasures to Hans.

And at last, both parents soulless to their son curiosity, particularly his ingeniousness in explore his thoughts.

These phobia and anxiety later on led Hans to develope phantasies. 

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