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Wednesday, November 17, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 1 Comments

How will you react if someone try to copy yours? It's annoying you, isn't it? In fact, many people like to do that. On my previous posting, I have alluded the definition of be yourself from psychology insight in general . However, today, I'd like to go deeper the insight of Be YourSelf as I just thought how hardly it is to become ourselves.

I'm sure that most of you would understand the term of be yourself from your natural surroundings of knowledge. It is a simple term that most of us can understand it easily. However, there is a question that I like to discuss with you, can we become ourselves? and how?

"A blogger has no idea what she wants to write about on her blog. As she wants to impress her lover that she can become a smart woman like others, she then attempts to stalk the style of other blog, which is contain empirical articles. Her blog used to be about 'her true-knowledge' articles; as she is not educated enough -- let's say she got leaving certificate (high school graduated), however, she changes into information about anything that source from books or whatever. In fact, her writing style was alright before (shown her 'true knowledge' about herself)."

The example above is a picture of how difficult sometimes to become ourselves. Becoming ourselves is challenging for most of us as it insists the whole true of ourselves i.e. negatives and positives. 

The woman on the example above knew that her limited knowledge would not be enough to stun her performance to be like a brainny woman. However, it'll be so obvious to know by other bloggers that it's not her knowledge or her style used to be. Her absorption apparently leads her to be an idel-woman as she likes to be or her lover thought to be.

According to this, I infer that our surroundings or the social world and our self-perception can be the main reason to evoke becoming self-ideal instead of ourselves. 

So would that mean the social world is dangerous for our mental-health? That would be a tough work to find out.

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