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A cheat person, they can be your partner, your best friend, your boss, or you, perhaps? Cheating is not necessarily about unfaithful; it can be something else e.g. copying somebody else’s papers work!

You must feel it’s so unfair if seeing someone copies somebody else’s paper work while you study hard for that; especially if he/she is an adult!

A good adult won’t do such as thing like that, won’t they? But some just do because they have an excuse to tell us: “So what if I’m cheating?!”

Shame on you, dude. 

Somebody who likes cheating is hardly to identify. While people infer that we can identify a lie through somebody’s eyes; however, Psychology discovers that it is a false belief. 

Somebody can tell you a lie in a straight look into your eyes.

I believe that because they are very good at acting. It can also be identified as schizophrenia. 

If you are a type person like I mention above,  then you might need a psychiatrist. You need help. 

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