The Case Of Putera Gorontalo (PG); In Psycho-analysis View of points

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Be yourself is generally defined as your true identity or personality when you interact with the social world. Becoming yourself  is you first need to know who you are (self-concept), and your knowledge about youself and your surroundings (self-knowledge). The question is, how accurate do we know about ourself? As our surroundings sometimes naturally and automatically influence our thoughts, feelings, and behaviour. According to this, how could we then accurately know that we are appear as who we know about ourself?

Indeed, it's a very complex analysis of human's problems. However, we are the most lucky of God's creatures to be born with an incredible brain as a tool to solve the world's problems. So we know how to answer for every problem then?

My article this time is inspired by someone named PG ( his unreal name). PG was before a member of a milist where Gorontaloness gather to share their thoughts, and their intellectual opinions. And he is a very special person to me. For many weeks, I've been following his conversation with other members, which resulting pro and contra from others. He was usually in an ambivalent mood i.e. responding member's article in a good critical thinking. 

However, it was very unsual of him when he responded my article in an impolite and a brutal expression. I was then deciding to send him a personal email. Actually, I am rather interested in reading his personality than his 'true' identity (though I curious to know about his real identity). As well as it's uneasy job to do i.e. the observation is done by online. However, I try my best to analyse him by following psychology and psychoanalysis methods.

Aims: The aims of the study is to finding about Schizophrenia or multiple personality of PG. PG uses his unreal name to beat anyone whom he thought against his intellectuals and his life experiences.

Procedure (Methods): I and PG have only one conversation through email. After my last reply to his email (he hasn't replied my email yet). I, therefore, will use my analysis from his first personal long email to me. It might not give a validation to the result (that he has suffered Schizophrenia or Multiple personality). However, his purpose by using his unreal name it's so obvious to indicate that he can become "the real of him" i.e to show his thoughts and feelings about many things, particularly his beloved home, is Gorontalo -- while his real identity dumps him to suffer in silent.

Note: The term of the study only began weeks ago. I try to encourage PG to reply my email so I can know much about his thoughts and feelings. Regardless of he's telling the truth or not, every words of him is very important to me for the study. This studying might continue, however, it might not as I have other activity that need my attention and has to be done as well.

Results (findings): PG has introduced himself as a man who is much older than me, and even much older than any members in milist (remember, this is what he likes to be introduced). Presumably, he is like a dad for all of us in GM2020 milist.

PG has his own belief of his critical thinking, like very much to appear indifferent thoughts of others. He didn't challenge other's intellectual really; instead, he challenged his own ego by challenging others' ego perceptions. He was enjoying his high self-esteem behind his unreal name which he couldn't get from his real name. All words he used were straight forward and hard. He distrust goverment, neither trust that good manner would lead to a better life. He was a hard man as he was thinking. He has concepted himself more in a private self-aware than public self-aware, and he has both types. Therefore, he can become soft and sweet man as well as hard as hell.

Beside, it was unconscious sexual urges of PG's behaviour (His comment to my article critizing the size of the article alphabets the same as penis, which is I indicate his thoughts related to  his sexual life); It was also a thwarted self-assertion that causes neurotic disorders in PG's personality. 

According to Alfred Adler, whom best known with Individual Psychology of theory, this neurotic disorders derived from basic urge of human being, is to strive for superiority (PG was fess graduated from Tel Aviv University in Yerussalem for his post doctoral), to succeed and be the best one can (the sacrifice of PG previous generations  i.e. his father and grandfather, to Gorontalo from Deucth collonial)  . However, barriers frequently prevent this e.g. older siblings; sibling rivalry; peer behaviour in childhood; and in adulthood - difficulties with partner, etc.

This disspointment with failure leads to a feeling of inferiority (PG's low self-esteem in using his real name). Over-compensation is employed in attempt to manage this. For most the compesantory behaviour is moderate therefore socially acceptable. If the compesantory behaviour does not lead to some success, anxiety neurosis follows. Or, if the compensatory is chanelled into some inappropriate or anti social behaviour then neurosis follows e.g. one's execessive actions involve obsessing over someone (PG's unreal name is to solve of all his desires about Gorontalo and other things); possessive behaviour (copying all the members' emails in aims to stalk them); or addictive behaviour ( PG's name has givem a pleasure to hurt anyone feelings).

PG might dishonest about himself; However, every word of him leads me to a light of natural observation behaviour through online. I am, therefore, thanking PG for his incredible  dual-personality disorder.

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