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Hot chocolate
Happy Monday everyone,

What first is on your mind when you think about chocolate? A nice taste, perhaps? and then follow what the best country of making chocolate. My favourite gift to bring for my family in Indonesia is usually chocolate, and also for my friends. And I'm telling you, most of asians are mad for eating chocolate from abroad!

I didn't eat chocolate at all, not until I met my hubby (he's made me such an irish woman now!); but chocolate now has been one of my favourite 'friends', particularly when in the study time.

The nicest chocolate is best known from west Europe, people consider swiss chocolate is so tasty; and tasty chocolate mostly expensive. However, I find so many nice chocolate in Ireland as well; although some of chocolates are import from other country but Irish chocolate is also nice. 

When I go home, I always visit the shops where have good chocolates. But because I have a big family so I try to buy nice chocolate with a good deal price ---- 3 packs for 13 euros :).

Speaking of chocolate, I've once read an article that chocolate has a good affect of our bad feeling. That's a very interesting discover. I had no previous experience before of being feeling better after drinking chocolate. However, without considering the article I've read, I drank a cup of hot chocolate when I was in the bad-mood of my periode, and I realised I've felt such a better feeling by drinking the hot chocolate.

Since then I perpetually take a cup of hot chocolate to help me to cope such a bad mood :).

Just like tonight, when my hubby feels so bad from at work. I offer him his drink chocolate favourite --- though it may not help his stresses from his work, but at least he has a nice evening in the living room with a cup of hot chocolate and his favourite program football game while I'm writing this ;).

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