A Disgusting Finding Of Psychoanalysis: A Response To Little Hans's Case

Wednesday, November 03, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

My class mate seems unconvinced about the Little Hans’s case; she mentioned this to me in the class: “Is this story real? The boy (Little Hans) sounds so weird”.

It is weird. Another comment is: “Is it possible that Little Hans was abused?” Unfortunately, we didn’t know about it as it did not account in the book.

In fact, although I myself still confuse with the whole things of Psychoanalysis theories, but the truth is many kids (even babies, from 3 to 12 months) out there seems like to put their hand on widdler. Have you concerned why a baby seems enjoyed to put their hands on their widdler? Why do you think they do that?

Little Hans did not understand what’s going on him, all what he wanted to know was: what is widdler(penis) about? He found every object he saw referred to widdler e.g. an occasion when he walked with his parents, he saw a machine and thought that machine had widdler. 

When he asked his parents either they had widdler or not, they answer “Of course, I have too”, which his mother should explained to him that women don’t have widdler. *

*Freud told Little Hans’s father to explain about this; he didn’t tell straight away to Little Hans until in some occasions.

I don’t really convince Freud’s theory on Little Hans’s case: maybe not yet, about Freud’s theory related to Little Hans relationship with his mother, he inferred that it had evoked his erotic longings to his mother.  

In this case, I inferred that It’s nothing to do with his lovely relationship with his mother, regardless of what psychoanalysis theories restated. 

However, it was little Hans’s mother slovenly for not trying to explain to Little Hans’s question e.g.: “Mommy, have you got widdler too?” and his mommy answer: “Of course, why?” instead of: “Mommy does not have widdler, only male has widdler, and you are male”.

Let’s say, Little Hans suffer from his libido, and this libido derived from his erotic longings of his relationship with his mother e.g. when his mother coaxed him, sleeping between his parents, seeing his mother naked.

How those adult imagination things could state that it is the cause of Little Hans’s erotic longings with his mother? 

Is that not possible from something else? (And I have no idea what it is).

I won’t blame my friend, or you if disagree with Freud’s theory of Psychoanalysis as this seems far beyond our understanding about human’s behaviour and mind. 

No mother in the world would like to think about that their sincere love would evoke an erotic feeling to their child to posses their mother; or the breast feeding is arouse to erotic feeling for female to be sucked.

However,  this is a truth finding of Psychoanalysis from a master of Psychoanalysis, Freud.

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