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Remember with my posting about Harllows College? I wrote a bit about my interview with Ruhama organisation, remember that? I just got the letter from them today to let me know that I'm FAILED.

Wow. That's hurt. But, I am okay.

When I told about the news to my hubby he said that they've missed the best volunteer. He's so sweet :).

The good thing from this bad news is I can attend another interview. I've been invited for an interview from a hospital in Dublin, and again it's for volunteer.

That's a good news, isn't it? A bad thing is not always about bad thing :).

I never imagine how so hard to get this position. But I will not give it up!!

Though life has been quite boring recently (you may feel it from my posting here), and trying to survive until the next year. Mean while I try to focus with my study.

Hey, I've been thinking to have a new blog! Hmm, I want to make a special blog that about my self, kind of a diary. More jobs to do then :)...
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