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Monday, November 01, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 5 Comments

Weekend goes by very quickly. I feel like that I haven't got enough time to enjoy my weekend although four days off have given to be together with my hubby.

My hubby got two days off since last Friday so he got a long weekend to spend at home with his lovely wife :). 

Unfortunately, his days off wasn't for a holiday to Paris or New York (I wish!); he got a doctor certificate saying that he needs two days off work. 

The doctor didn't say anything about the cause of his allergic; my hubby thought the cause was either from the orange that he ate after lunch, or from other things. 

I was then thinking that he probably got the allergic from what I cooked that night. Ouch!

The dinner was a meat ball which made from wheat, mince beef, egg, and some flavour. Though I never make such as meat ball (he dislikes "bakso"); but the mixers were usually alright, he never have problem with those foods before.

All over his body was red, and seems so horrible to me. During the night, I just couldn't fall asleep thinking of his allergic. I then began to investigate with all possible causes of his allergic. 

The following day on Friday morning, as soon as I woke up,  I ran down to the kitchen quickly, first thing on my mind was the wheat. 

It was my mistake by not checking first the product; the wheat was already expired long enough. I continued to check the eggs, which were they all okay. 

Last thing was the beef which I was unsure about it, but I took out of the freezer and put it for just a night into fridge: so I was thinking it should be okay.

As the doctor was unsure about his allergic cause; he then began to look the information on the internet and he found it that it sometimes happen with no reason.

So, I was thinking it might be from the flavour, but the thing is, if he got sick from the flavour then I should got it too as I ate it too.

However, he looks better now, much better. We were jogging this evening around the coast area, and he looks healthier than three days ago. 

I'm just so happy to see him able to go work again tomorrow. And 1st date of the month should be a good day for him, me, and everyone certainly.

Whatever the cause of his allergic, one lesson need to be learnt by me: always read the label!

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  1. Syukurlah jika sekarang sudah membaik. Apakah kulitnya memerah disertai gatal mbak..?
    Sst... terkadang aku juga lupa melihat tanggal expired-nya suatu produk... hiks..

  2. Lama gak mampir kesini, sekalinya mampir dapat cerita ada yg sakit alergi. Untungnya aja sekarang sudah sehat mbak.
    BTW, kira2 suaminya JS kalau makan pecel alergi tidak ya..? ^_~

  3. Eat a spring...Mampir.....:D

  4. Aku paling demen klo bahas masalah bakso, makan bakso kok gak bagi2 sih mbak, hehe

    Ahmad flamboyant

  5. happy November, Jeng Sri... lama ga main2 ke sini... pasti jeng udh lupa sm aku, :DD


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