The Lie Of The Life

Thursday, November 11, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

Have you ever thought how exactly the whole world is created?  Very often we hear how the world create from the scientific and religion analysis, but how can we know that their analysis is valid? The scientific might proof it with its very technological methods; as well as the religion has proven it with its scriptures and any its story. However, all those tokens are made by human beings whereas often make mistakes, and yet naturally full with ego in their cells brain.

Regardless of what scientific and religion have analysed, I'd like to share my thought, purely my thought, and this thought came in my mind when I hardly to sleep, awake at 3 a.m. and not sleep till I decided to put this thought into my blog, as I'm thinking of "Why do I have to study, go to college everyday, what do I get from this? What will I become? Do I change the world, etc?"

Last night, I told my class mate that I got bored with the study, which was he replied he felt the same thing as I was. I was much younger than him, in his age 45, smart, single, good looking, and yet good in financial. My question is: why he still to go to college? Why not get married? bla, bla, bla.

That is about a life choice, isn't it? Actually, he told because he hasn't got a right woman. What?! More than millions women in Ireland and no right woman he can find? That is a ridicilous reason. Either true or false he has a self-perception about how to choose a woman for his life.

Self perception. That's it. It's how the world is developing. By self perception we can create a positive or negative thinking about the world. When this think piece share to the world, the world reacts differently, the pro contra takes its position, and that is it how we can become into different groups.

When I'm thinking about my study, that I've been thaught by failures people (while in my country believe that a teacher is "pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa"), however, I have another thought, we are unconsciously being thaught by failure people, people with no creativiness at all in their life and whom decided to spend their time by teaching whereas they themselves are willing to learn from their student.

According to this, I remember with an article on a newspaper saying about how damage education could be for our brain. They wrote about that teacher often threat their students like monkeys. I'm not sure by this statement until I know how I feel tonight that "I've been threaten like a monkey".

Education is all about money, good and bad grades, and finally certificate. I'll be so grateful if someday I become a doctor, the question is, what will I get the above average of advantages with my title? You might answer: What the hell you ask for. Certainly, maroon!

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing. I will become nothing except sitting behind the desk with limited time and no creativeness. Or even worst, I might write on a book my self perception regarding about a knowledge which might be reacted to believe it, and its beliefs spread to the world, for those whom not accept would might take it as empirical data and then analyse it. With my title as a doctor , the world from many socials and fields would certainly react it in regards. 

So if all derive from self perception so there are not truths at all in the world? We're not sure.

For sure, human being has two types, the complex and the heuristic one. Regardless of what types we are, both types have advantages and disadvantages. Accordingly, none of human beings have certain knowledge about anything.

How about the genius ones? There must be genius people in this world, such as Einstein, for example.

I remember with Plato's theory with his divided line where men bonder in chain in a cave towards the light watching shadows. One man decided to go out to find out what happened outside the cave. He told the other men in the cave what he found (that the shadow came from outside the sun), however, they didn't believe him.

The man was interpreted as the genius one who willing to know what was going outside the cave. 

You know what I'm thinking? We are likely like the other men in the cave. And the genius one enjoy their own homework until they find  their own method and its validity, and then tell the world. They are  teacher of their own school, and student of themselves. However, we find very view the genius one to help the world better.

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