Little Things About Dublin (Part 1)

Saturday, November 20, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 2 Comments

Ireland is very amazing country. I've heard some people said that life in Ireland is just like a poetry as it's all about drinking, dancing, joking, and singing. What a life! But there is a problem: it's the weather! 

You will find most places look so amazing when in summer, I love visiting Cork during summer season, it's my very favourite spot. But not when winter, most everyone avoid to go out when winter.

However, we live in Dublin. I don't really like city. perhaps this is because I was born and grew up in busy city like Jakarta, but my hubby prefer to live in city.

Dublin is not a big city. It has about 1 million population, and most of the buildings are old buildings. I like to take some photograph of those buildings. Here are some unprofessional of my photographs around Dublin city. I hope you like it.

                                          Dublin Spire

Spire is monument of light located in the heart centre of Dublin, accurately, is on O'connol street. When I asked to my Indonesian friend about the meaning of building that spire, she answered like this: "It's for a sign when people lost in the city centre". She's probably right.

                                   Klerrys Shopping Centre

Klerrys shopping is just located nea r the spire. Look at the building, you will like even more if you come in to the building. Sometimes, I just like to go to this building for looking around, but not for shopping ;).

                                      Dublin 'Becak'

Honestly, I have never ridden it, but I love to someday. It's sponsored by Seven Up. Some people said it's for free, some people said you have to sign up first to ride it. I might need exact information before I ride it.

DBLN, 20.37-191110


  1. iwaaaww... modis yaa becaknyaa..
    itu mangkalnya deket2 klerry's shopping center mbak??

  2. hihihi... keren banget becaknya... kerasa angin semilirnya gag? kok komen lu sekarang balik ke blogger ?


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