A moment at Harllows College

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Two days ago I got a call from an organisation that supporting women affected by prostitution and human trafficking. I was so glad as soon as she mentioned where the call was from. Even more glad when she told me to come for an interview with them.

The arrangement made for Wednesday at 2.45 a.m. 3 hours before my class. So I still had a plenty of times.
What do I do in the organisation?

The organisation is called Ruhama. The organisation is focus in the programs for women affected by prostitution and human trafficking. I applied for volunteer on this organisation about three weeks ago. As I’m a student of Psychology I have a deep interest to know more about many issues that occur in the country and other country. 

The day on the interview was going very well; luckily. I was very enthuses to explore what I feel and thought about this particular issue.  My two interviewers were also very friendly so I felt like not being interview for a job. 

However, there was a nice moment occurred before interview. 

The office where I went for the interview is called Hallows College, and it’s located in Dublin 9. That was the first time I visited hallows college. After stray for almost a half hour, I finally found the place. 

The building of the Hallows College is quite nice and looks very European building type.  The three of big buildings were surrounded by a big park with very green grass. And yet, it’s very quiet place. What a wonderful view.

After asking five fellows who were standing at the front of the first big building, I went directly to the middle building called the senior house. 

The front of the building did not look very interesting, but when I entered the building I smelled the Victorian era! 

First door was okay, and then second door. I followed the instructions on the building. After passing the second door, I was getting confuse after seeing inside the building.

It had a church decoration style. It was look like a church. Especially, when I saw a sister in that building! So I thought I lost.

With a five second hesitation, I finally bravely to asked her: “Excuse me sister, do you know where the senior office is? I’m afraid that I’m in the wrong building”.

She looked at me, and then touched my right arm, and the other her hand was touching my hand, saying:
“Oh, I’m so sorry I’m new here. But you can go to library and ask somebody there”. 

She got a soft voice, and a very warmth smile. I barely hear what she said, not because I was deaf, but because her voice very soft, and I was not very brave to ask her to repeat it again. How dare me to disturbe her anyway!

In last minute of our short conversation, she gave me a card which I thought it as a business card (is that possible a sister has a business card?).  I put it in my coat pocket, anyway.

After the interview, I took the card by incidentally. It wasn’t a business card, or whatsoever. It was a message card.

If you are not a Catholic, and I’m not a Christian myself, however, have a look this message in a good thinking though you might not really religious person. 

“Lord Jesus, I can’t but you can and you will take care of (intention) in the best way”.
 Thank you for acting (Sr.S.E)

DBLN, 08.08-041110

P.S. Thank you for such a wonderful conversation, sister.


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