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Every human being has a natural willingness to know about themselves.  It is a desideratum for all of us for being able to describe who we are to ourselves and the social world. From the very we are infants our parents try to acquaintance by identifying themselves as the family. In other words, we learn about the self since we are infants. 

Indeed, the self or the identity is significant for us to interact with the world, even in the online world; regardless real or not its identity: the social world always requires identity of us.

As it’s required, we then naturally attempt to develop the self through our social life. According to Myers (2007) this development of the self involves the self concept, self esteem, self knowledge, and the social self.

The self concept is describing “Who am I”; the self-esteem is the sense of self-worth; self-knowledge (or self-awareness) is the prediction about self; and last is the social self is the roles.

The self concept has components as follows:

Interpersonal attributes  => I’m a student
Ascribe characteristic    =>  I’m Indonesian
Interests                        =>  I like photography
Internalize                     =>  I’m a liberal
Self awareness              =>  I’m a generous person
Social Differentiation     =>  I’m a citer

These components have functions in the social world interaction, they are functioned as an interpersonal tool (see the example above); to regulate our thoughts, feelings, and behaviours; and as values to make choices.
However, the self is not just formed by our own perception in indentifying ourselves but also by the environment. In other words, the self is developed by other people perception.

This was confirmed by Cooley (1902) and Mean (1934) in their researches about the self in the social comparison study. The research is called Looking Glass Self. Cooley and Mead inferred that to know about ourselves is by seeing the reflection of how other see you.

If so, a part of our own perception to see ourselves, the environment’s perception is another key in the self development?

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