Smash Cut By Sandra Brown

Friday, November 19, 2010 Jo Hanniffy 0 Comments

I have finally finished reading this book, after 2 weeks try to spare my time: on the train, while walking, while waiting bus, anywhere I got the time I use to read this book! I will review another Sandra Brown's books, but today, is a special day for the Smash Cut review! 

'Do you know what a smash cut is?' 

'It's an abrupt edit. A sudden shift of scene. Used to shock audience. Very effective Lost of impact. It'll be like that. No one will see it coming. Especially her.'

Paul Wheeler is a one of American millionare who is shot during armed robbery in a hotel, Julie Rutledge who  is with Paul Wheeler during the roberry convinced that Paul'snephew, Creighton, is responsible for the murder.

Creighton has a passion for movies and Julie believes that Paul's murder has all the elements of a blockbuster: familly rivalries, incalculable wealth, and a prominent man dying in arms of his beautiful mistress.

However, Derek Mitchell, the attorney of Wheeler's family, and police department are unconvincing with Julie's theory of  this conspiration murder. While Julie has to fight all on her own against them, she recevies several terrors that almost cost her life to death. 


That's all I can review, otherwise, you know all the story :). For thriller lover and detective story, you must read this book!

Will be back with another Sandra Brown ;).

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