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Morning from Dublin, 

Today, weather seems better in Ireland, slightly shiny, and at least it’s not raining and windy.  Encourage me to visit my blog and write something. Call me a diligent blogger as recently my blog is up to date from day to day. The truth is, I need to get rid of statistics formula of my brain; writing might help neutralizing all the cells brain: perhaps?

I have been thinking to write about this topic since  days ago, about psychoanalysis. Actually, my recent postings are for finding the ideas. Did I tell you that writing article psychology is harder than any topic in any fields in the world?  

If so, I try to be myself then as I'm not a good writer myself.  In fact, unbound writing with  rules makes a bit more relax to write and to read as well. And most of it this is my own article. 

This is my first very special concern in psychoanalysis; it’s about the study case of Little Hans which I and my class mate consider that this finding it’s too odd; we try, however, to think that nothing too odd or too complicated in psychology fields as we know this is about human studying human: so I interpret it that they can’t expect 100% its validation.

Fortunately, psychology has its own scientific methods in their research so that they can assure to public that the findings are under legal procedure, and trusted findings of professionals on its fields. 

And this finding, of the case study of the little Hans, derived from a professional, a father of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud. 

Here is a bit abstract of the little Hans study: 

Freud began to study the 3 ¾ years old boy, little Hans, in 1906. The case was actually brought by his father whom also a friend and supporter member of Psychoanalysis of Freud. His father’s first report about Little Hans’s fascination with widdler (penis) reported to Freud in 1906.

This fascination of Little Hans later soon developed in to phobia and anxiety. Hans’s father believed that Hans’s phobia with horses and anxiety were derived from his fascination with widdler. 

Together with Hans’s father, Freud investigated all the possible causes of the phobia and anxiety. However, Freud referred Little Hans’s fascination with widdler was as a child psychosexual development.

The stage on the Little Hans age was coined Phallic Stage, which is believed by Freud as the most complex in a child psychosexual development. 

However, Freud inferred that Hans fascination with widdler was a developing knowledge about himself (Hans questioned about his parent’s widdlers e.g. “Mommy, have you got widdler too?”, and tried to understand the differences about animals and non animal objects).

Hans fascination with widdler later lead him to a repression of his libido (putting his hands on his widdler; Freud referred it as masturbation activity). This activity, however, prohibited by his parents, his mother particularly, by saying: “I’ll tell Dr A to cut off your widdler, if you still putting your hands on your widdle”. *

*This is what usually happens to most parents, they try to shivery their child to give in of doing something instead of explanating the reason. 

The complexity on the Phallic stage believed by Freud as because of the Oedipal Complex: a desire to posses the mother, and get rid of the father. 

Hans’s case seems substantiates of Freud’s theory (this also one reason of Hans’s father to came over to Freud to convinced this theory).

Little Hans’s case seems unreal and too weird for most everyone; however, this is a truth finding of Psychoanalysis.

DBLN, 11.31-011110


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