Five Things Women Must Have To Stay Healthy In The Sun

Monday, March 25, 2013 Jo Hanniffy 2 Comments

Good weather today this morning in Jakarta after heavy raining yesterday the sunshine shows at last.

Speaking of weather, you know how the weather in Indonesia looks like, it's very humid! In the hot weather skins need more attention to prevent from burning or even skin cancer risks

Scary huh? Yep. 

So what do you need to prevent this?

Sun lotion. Instead of looking white lotion chose sun lotion that helps you more to protect your skins. - you definitely need this! There are different types of SPF according to your skin colour types. I use low SPF as I got tan skin, like 15 SPF. Make sure you chose the right product, specially if you put it on face.

Moisturiser. Apply moisturiser to your face before putting make up. Use this every time you need it as it can prevent your skin from being dried. 

Lips gloss. Dry lips can be embarrassing sometimes as that makes your face looks unhealthy. Putting lipstick won't make the dry skin go away so get the lips gloss instead. Chose one with vitamins in it.  

Hat or glasses. Always bring your glasses or hat to protect your face skin from direct sun. 

Water. Always bring a bottle of mineral water. It prevents you from dehydration and it's scientific proof to prevent from a diseases. 

Last but not least, appropriate your dress according to the weather. Don't be a fashion victim, like wearing boots in the 30 degrees. Enjoy the sun.

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  1. Nah kalau aku tak bisa pake kacamata gelap Mbak... karena aku sudah pakai kacamata minus yang tak bisa kulepas. Tanpa kacamata minusku ini aku tak bisa melihat apa2.. hikss..

  2. Kok belum update lagi Mbak...?


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